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Wall Street Journal – Aug 23 2018 – Short Stories

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Clues Answers
‘Camelot’ composer LOEWE
‘Claws’ carrier TNT
‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there’ jingle writer BARRYMANIL
‘Look Homeward, Angel’ author WOLFE
‘The Golden Compass’ heroine LYRA
‘The Lake of the Sky’ TAHOE
‘The Valley Isle’ MAUI
‘Thoughtcrime’ coiner ORWELL
2018 film role for Donald Glover LANDO
Adam’s ‘son in his own likeness, after his image’ SETH
After-shave additive ALOE
All the rage HOT
Basketry bit OSIER
Batting practice backdrop CAGE
Bearded beast GNU
Beijing blanket SMOG
Bejeweled band TIARA
Best of old movies EDNA
Bicolor coin EURO
Brother of Lucrezia Borgia CESARE
Brutish fellow OGRE
Carmela’s portrayer EDIE
Cause of a holdup, perhaps OUTLAW
Chains of treeless, rolling hills WOLDS
Clued in AWARE
Copying ALA
Cracker topper BRIE
Dartboard material ELM
Dazzle AWE
Dottie West song ‘What ___ Doin’ in Love’ AREWE
Feel sympathetic RELATE
Garfield, e.g TABBY
Gateau’s cousin TORTE
Get into WEAR
Give a second airing to RESHOW
Goldenrod cousin MUSTARDYELL
H.B. in the Candy Hall of Fame REESE
Hosp. bunch DRS
In accordance with ASPER
Iroquois foe ERIE
Jeopardy PERIL
Lakeside Lombardy resort COMO
Like the pack animal about which Nash wrote ‘he’s a beast’ TWOL
Mag. staffers EDS
Mamet play in which Madonna made her Broadway debut SPEEDTHEPL
Metric prefix? GEO
Middle-distance runner Steve who won gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics OVETT
Neon Desert Music Festival site ELPASO
Occupant of el trono REY
Off base, maybe AWOL
Ominous ending ORELSE
Out of harm’s way, perhaps ALEE
Output of some guns RADAR
Piehole YAP
Play by oneself SOLO
Plug, say HYPE
Plug, say SEAL
Powers of ‘Hart to Hart’ STEFANIE
Prey for the Morlocks ELOI
Radius neighbor ULNA
Recount TELL
Rodent-spread virus, familiarly HANTA
Short buildings, and a clue to this puzzle’s theme LOWRISES
Sites for sweaters SPAS
Source of a draft TAP
Starbucks order TALL
Start of a long drive? TEE
Subject of a series of Monet paintings WEEPINGWILL
Summer music DISCO
Super stoked AMPED
Take the plunge WED
The Empress of Australia, for one OPAL
Treasury head before Mnuchin LEW
Unwritten, in a way ORAL
Upbraid YELLAT
Upholsterer’s specimen SWATCH
When Romeo first beholds Juliet SCENEV
___ Murdock (Daredevil’s alter ego) MATT