Wall Street Journal – Aug 23 2021 – “Joy to the Word” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Didn’t I tell you?” SEE
“I did it!” YAYME
“I totally agree!” OHYES
“My treat” ILLPAY
“Rumor ___ it…” HAS
“Stand” band REM
“The Godfather” organization MAFIA
*Beetle larva used in some science projects MEALWORM
*Best Western alternative DAYSINN
*Nonverbal alternative to “How embarrassing!” FACEPALM
*Table protector under a plate PLACEMAT
A mic might plug into one AMP
Banish EXILE
Career campaigner, for short POL
Coils around TWINES
Decide one’s had enough time outdoors HEADIN
Do what a surgeon does OPERATE
Final LAST
Frank who recorded a 1954 version of 63-Across SINATRA
Frigid forecast TEENS
Gather AMASS
Gemma of “Crazy Rich Asians” CHAN
Gin-flavoring fruit SLOE
Gives up, as control CEDES
Goree who played Cassius Clay in “One Night in Miami…” ELI
Great delight GLEE
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Hydrochloric, e.g ACID
Immensely impressed AWED
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
It’s between Can. and Mex USA
Justice Kagan ELENA
Language akin to Indonesian MALAY
Lovelace who programmed an early computer ADA
Luster SHEEN
Madonna’s “La ___ Bonita” ISLA
Make amends ATONE
Misleading maneuver RUSE
Muscle twitch SPASM
On the stock exchange LISTED
Pencil ends ERASERS
Persuade with pressure COERCE
Peru’s capital LIMA
Plateau’s kin MESA
Plentiful AMPLE
Pro Football Hall of Famer Long HOWIE
Put in a solid effort TRYHARD
Reef materials CORALS
Sea, in Saint Barthélemy MER
Season 1 summary, e.g RECAP
Soccer star Rapinoe MEGAN
Some UFOs and Frisbees SAUCERS
Song sung by Judy Garland in “Summer Stock,” and what the first halves of the starred answers can all do GETHAPPY
South African currency RAND
Stop the flow of DAMUP
Tax form ID SSN
Title-transferring meeting CLOSING
Tree with serrated leaves ELM
Trees with heart-shaped leaves LINDENS
TV journalist Curry ANN
Under-blouse undergarment BRA
Unspoken agreements NODS
Use, as a coupon REDEEM
Very, in slang HELLA
Vicinity AREA
Vocal ability, informally PIPES
Wastes time DALLIES
Widescreen movie format IMAX
Witty Coward NOEL
Wood-chopping tool AXE

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