Wall Street Journal – Aug 23 2022 – “Swine Dining” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“The Thin Man” canine ASTA
“___ only money” ITS
AAA recommendation RTE
Alternative to buttons SNAPS
Andes grazers ALPACAS
Astronomical sightings NOVAE
Atomic centers NUCLEI
Baseball card figure STAT
Blood drive supporters DONORS
Branch headquarters? TREE
Broad shoe spec EEE
Buddy PAL
Burrows LAIRS
Chapel topper SPIRE
Checkout choice CASH
Chrysler Building’s style DECO
Cobras at Karnak ASPS
College student’s delight, often HOMECOOKING
Compadre of Fidel CHE
Container for a doz. eggs CTN
Creator of Eeyore, Kanga and Roo AAMILNE
Dog breeders’ org AKC
Eat like a chicken PECKAT
Engine buildup GRIME
Extreme ULTRA
Figurehead’s spot PROW
First father ADAM
Flying start? AVI
Followers’ suffixes ITES
Footnote abbr IBID
Friend of Disney’s Stitch LILO
Gave the slip LOST
Gets amped up at a bar? PLAYSAGIG
Giants of California SEQUOIAS
Greek or Asian meat offerings, or a description of the circled answers PORKWRAPS
Grp. for Duke and Wake Forest ACC
Clues Answers
Idiosyncrasy TIC
In a calm manner COOLLY
Inclined to emphasize? ITALIC
Light yellow-brown shade ECRU
Like an unchallenged receiver WIDEOPEN
Like some fishing and diving DEEPSEA
Low naval rank ENSIGN
Marmot or mouse RODENT
Mel nicknamed “The Velvet Fog” TORME
Minecraft, for one PCGAME
Music genre POP
Pet lovers’ org SPCA
Political satirist Mort SAHL
Programmer’s output APPCODE
Radials, in Reading TYRES
Raid products ANTTRAPS
Rocker John ELTON
Schoolyard retort IDOSO
Shines brighter than a star? STEALSTHESHOW
Smart CHIC
Spirited courage PLUCK
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Stovepipes, e.g SILKHATS
Summer mo AUG
Synagogue singer CANTOR
Table setting item PLACEMAT
Targets of squats QUADS
Teriyaki sauce base SOY
The duck in “Peter and the Wolf,” e.g OBOEPART
Tread heavily CLOMP
Volcano overlooking the Mediterranean ETNA
Warning signals ALERTS
Weekend adventurer’s need BOATTRAILER
Women’s links org LPGA

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