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Wall Street Journal – Aug 24 2020 – “Relax!” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Not ___ out of you!” (“Keep quiet!”) APEEP
“Suicide Blonde” band INXS
“The Alienist” network TNT
“Way” of Chinese philosophy TAO
“___ a stinker?” (Bugs Bunny catchphrase) AINTI
*Abandon a sinking enterprise JUMPSHIP
*Browse but not buy WINDOWSHOP
*Donna Summer #1 hit HOTSTUFF
*Marriage of mutual affection LOVEMATCH
*Mattress supports BOXSPRINGS
Angry rant TIRADE
Aperture GAP
Appreciator of art and beauty AESTHETE
Attorney’s org ABA
Auto efficiency abbr MPG
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Big fuss ADO
Blacksmith’s blocks ANVILS
Bout ender, for short TKO
Broadway ensemble CAST
Chemist’s workplace LAB
Choose not to attend SKIP
Complaint from a sad sack ICANTWIN
Cries of enlightenment AHAS
Curving path ARC
Extreme anger IRE
Extremely foolish ASININE
Fashion designer Geoffrey BEENE
Feel ___ in the air ANIP
Financially secure SET
Fix a manuscript, say EDIT
Foot part INSTEP
Gets up from a chair RISES
Give in RELENT
God, in Guadalajara DIOS
Great weight TON
Had on WORE
Helpful contacts INS
High moral aspirations IDEALS
Hr. division MIN
Ice cream holder CONE
In a rational manner SANELY
Laila who packs a punch ALI
Mgr.’s aide ASST
Molecule part ATOM
Narrow inlet of Norway FJORD
Nitpickers split them HAIRS
Numbered hwy RTE
Oinker PIG
PC cancel key ESC
Pilgrimage sites SHRINES
Place to be pampered SPA
Poem of praise ODE
Pound part OUNCE
Procedure: Abbr SYS
Puts into practice USES
Readily accessible ATHAND
Relax, and what the starts of the starred answers can do TAKEASEAT
Relaxes RESTS
Released from a leash LOOSED
Right-angled annexes ELLS
Rock’s ___ Fighters FOO
Royal Middleton KATE
Savings option IRA
Scarlett of Tara OHARA
Seller of Rönninge chairs IKEA
Skillets PANS
Social blunder GAFFE
Tattooist’s supply INK
Title for Lancelot SIR
Tomei of “The King of Staten Island” MARISA
TV spots ADS
Up in the air ALOFT
Vatican VIP POPE
Visibility lessener FOG
Warwick with a Lifetime Achievement Grammy DIONNE
Worker from a hill ANT
Writer/director Ephron NORA