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Wall Street Journal – Aug 24 2021 – “A Remote Possibility” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Bo-ber-ley, bo-na-na fanna, fo-fer-ley” song, with “The” NAMEGAME
“Night” author Wiesel ELIE
“Only Girl (In the World)” singer, to fans RIRI
401, in old Rome CDI
A person’s inner warmth? CORETEMPERATURE
Area of expertise DOMAIN
Atlas expanse SEA
Bit of information DATUM
Bobbles the ball ERRS
Brand for natural hair ASIAM
Cause of quaking FEAR
Colombian currency PESO
Comics Harvey and Martin STEVES
Computing pioneer Turing ALAN
Deem legit ALLOW
Do some groveling KOWTOW
Dove’s goal PEACE
Ending for racket or rocket EER
Equal (with) ONPAR
Eschew the office, and what you get with the circled words WORKFROMHOME
Extremely relaxed ZEN
Fencer’s sword EPEE
Foregoing PRIOR
Gibbon, e.g APE
Gramps’s partner NANA
Harlem theater “where stars are born and legends are made” APOLLO
Having trouble INASPOT
His customers include Barney, Carl and Lenny MOE
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Inside cover of many a fantasy novel MAP
Joe with less jolt DECAF
Knock on, as a door RAPAT
Lab science, for short CHEM
Lacking in vitality ANEMIC
Last letter ZEE
Letter before iota THETA
Letters on Soviet rockets CCCP
Like Yale, since 1969 COED
Linen source FLAX
Lost after leading, perhaps BLEW
Make reparations ATONE
Music of Mingus, Monk and Metheny JAZZ
Neither partner NOR
No longer are WERE
No longer into OVER
Norway’s king before Harald OLAV
Of a particular race or culture ETHNIC
One of two title characters in a book with one title character JEKYLL
Online address URL
Org. that issues nine-digit numbers SSA
Paid gig JOB
Pair for Gregory Hines TAPSHOES
Pakistan’s second-largest city LAHORE
Patella’s place KNEE
Payment for a hand ANTE
Penetrating KEEN
Peninsula’s opposite INLET
Popular tablets IPADS
Practical dorm hanging CORKBOARD
Practice in which you have to know when to fold ’em? ORIGAMI
Relay team member ANCHOR
Roughly half of babies SONS
Salacious selfies SEXTS
Sheep sound BAA
Sis’s sib BRO
Sluggers’ showcase in the All-Star break HOMERUNDERBY
Smell ODOR
Speaker’s aid NOTES
Sporting summary RECAP
Start to gather energy, like a crowd COMEALIVE
Straightforward DIRECT
Take in SEE
Tears RIPS
Treat with green tea and lemon ice varieties in Japan OREO
___ culpa MEA