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Wall Street Journal – Aug 25 2020 – “On the Surface” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Copy that, dude!” IDIG
“I fear…” ALAS
“Moonlight” Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
“To be,” to Bizet ETRE
2000 Philip Roth novel THEHUMANSTAIN
5-Down, for example PLANET
Acknowledge silently NODAT
Adoption-promoting org SPCA
Animation sheets CELS
Appeal (to) PRAY
Avoiding alcohol TEETOTAL
Bar room? JAIL
Bears Ears National Monument tribe UTE
Besides ELSE
Broadband option DSL
Center MIDST
Color similar to oatmeal ECRU
Columnist’s piece OPED
Commedia dell’___ ARTE
Commotion STIR
Dickens’s Chuzzlewit MARTIN
Diner lure AROMA
Dull as dishwater HOHUM
He became emperor at age 16 NERO
Himalayan creature YETI
Home to many Los Angeles rock clubs SUNSETSTRIP
Italian wine center ASTI
Language of Sri Lanka and southern India TAMIL
Late hours, in ads NITE
Leander loved her HERO
Like many shower rooms TILED
Like some JFK arrivals INTL
Love, in Latin AMOR
Manhattan neighborhood SOHO
Metaphorical cutoff point LINEINTHESAND
Moody music EMO
Morgan of the 2019 Women’s World Cup winning team ALEX
Nonetheless, briefly THO
Order of lightsaber-wielding knights JEDI
Org. with lots of clubs PGA
Perfect place EDEN
Pile up AMASS
Portentous sign OMEN
Postmark part DATE
Queen of Carthage DIDO
Raided the fridge NOSHED
Rapper ___ Moe Dee KOOL
Really close outcome in a race PHOTOFINISH
Response to an insult SLAP
Restaurant VIP CHEF
Revered celebrity IDOL
Robert Morse stage show TRU
Scrutinize EYE
Second part of a historic boast ISAW
See 67-Across WORK
Sign of a sprained ankle LIMP
Snaky swimmers EELS
Snide response after a lengthy complaint ISTHATALL
Somewhat, informally ISH
Song of the mountains YODEL
Spike in cinema LEE
Sports venue ARENA
Squabble ROW
Stun electrically TASE
Tall and thin LANK
Thor’s father ODIN
Titan circles it SATURN
Transfer in a nursery, perhaps REPOT
Wheel-to-wheel rod AXLE
With 68-Across, a hint to the ends of 21-, 25-, 45- and 52-Across WOOD
Words before snapping HUTONE
Writer Ephron DELIA
Young lady of Lisbon SENHORITA
___ Valley (site of the Reagan library) SIMI