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Wall Street Journal – Aug 27 2018 – WOW!

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Clues Answers
‘Get Out’ writer-director Jordan PEELE
‘Weekend Update’ show, initially SNL
1937 Laurel and Hardy comedy WAYOUTWEST
2006 Winter Olympics host TURIN
Apologetic utterance MYMISTAKE
At any time EVER
Atrocious AWFUL
Band with the 1988 #1 hit ‘Need You Tonight’ INXS
Breaded meat serving CUTLET
Broad st AVE
Buddy PAL
Bullfight cry OLE
Capital of Italia ROMA
Check for odors SNIFF
Cincinnati squad REDS
Cologne conjunction UND
Connectors for ox teams YOKES
Correspondence course divisions LESSONS
Demonstrates divinity WALKSONWATER
Enters, as data INPUTS
Fictional baddies often sporting goatees EVILTWINS
Fire remnant ASH
Flips out FREAKS
French friend AMI
Full price payer, usually ADULT
Fuss ADO
Give an impressive performance SHINE
Golfer Ernie ELS
Graceful bird SWAN
Handled roughly PAWED
Has a passion for LOVES
Hearty laugh YUK
Homecoming attendee, for short ALUM
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
In addition ASWELL
In the vicinity NEAR
It’ll take you to the top SKILIFT
Kitchen fixture SINK
Like a layer of mud on boots CAKED
Lobster part CLAW
Mafia boss DON
Magic show makeup TRICKS
McCormack of ‘Will & Grace’ ERIC
Meditative school of Buddhism ZEN
Minute WEE
Motorist’s payment TOLL
NBA point guard Jeremy LIN
Obsessive fire starter, informally PYRO
Out of the wind ALEE
Pays, as a large bill FOOTS
Piercing SHRILL
Political exile EMIGRE
Port of Pennsylvania ERIE
Pothole’s place ROADWAY
Public debate WAROFWORDS
Question of identity WHO
Question of method HOW
Raunchy material SMUT
Rehab candidates USERS
Reward for a Rottweiler TREAT
Rival of Athens SPARTA
River of Russia URAL
River tributary CREEK
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Shepard Smith’s network FOXNEWS
Spanish currency replaced by the euro PESETA
Subsequently LATER
Take it easy REST
Tape player button REWIND
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Touches gently PATS
Tree with upright cones FIR
Urban pollution SMOG
Utterly mystified ATSEA
Widespread RIFE