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Wall Street Journal – Aug 28 2018 – Getting the Sack

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Clues Answers
‘The Matrix’ hero NEO
Alpha, say DOMINANT
Ambulance letters EMS
Angler’s tool ROD
Argument deflection #1 YOUNEVERLISTEN
Argument deflection #2 ITISNTMYFAULT
Argument deflection #3 STOPBLAMINGME
Aspiring doc’s program PREMED
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Board game with car tokens LIFE
Body cover SKIN
Bornite and bauxite ORES
Bring together UNITE
Choose from the menu ORDER
Classroom recitation ABCS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Cry often heard by Lisa Simpson DOH
Cut out CLIP
Dismiss unceremoniously BOOT
Dynamite ingredient NITRO
Edinburgh refusal NAE
Enjoy the banquet DINE
Farmer’s whereabouts, in song DELL
Ferdinand’s shoe-loving first lady IMELDA
Field rations for GIs MRE
Follow as a consequence ENSUE
Followed as a consequence RESULTED
Foot fivesome TOES
Ford contemporary OLDS
Glittery fabric LAME
Greek salad component FETA
Headey of ‘Game of Thrones’ LENA
In addition ELSE
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Like many summer concerts OPENAIR
Lily-livered CRAVEN
Listed as a source CITED
Lo-cal LITE
Nikkei currency YEN
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Outcome of bargaining, perhaps PLEA
Petty disagreements TIFFS
Piece that begins on a corner square ROOK
Plan for later yrs IRA
Porterhouse steak TBONE
Pull for a team ROOT
Record label owned by Sony ARISTA
Reinvested, at the casino PARLAYED
Ripped TORE
Running total TALLY
Scanty skirt MINI
Smidgens IOTAS
Sound soused SLUR
Spiritual carving TOTEM
Spot seller, for short ADREP
Spots for some tackles, or a description of 20-, 24- and 41-Across DEFENSIVELINES
Starring role LEAD
Sudden spell of wintry weather COLDSNAP
Sun Valley setting IDAHO
Target of strengthening exercises CORE
Texas ___ M AAND
The Band Perry, for one TRIO
Tilting type: Abbr ITAL
Toward the rudder AFT
Unrelentingly serious STERN
Whites on washday, e.g LOAD
Wind indicator VANE
With stronger reason, in law AFORTIORI
Without purpose IDLY
Zippo NIL