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Wall Street Journal – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Exercise caution, Gem State!’ IDBECAREFUL
‘Hands off, Pine Tree State!’ DONTTOUCHME
‘Leave nothing behind, Hoosier State!’ TAKEITALLIN
‘Les Joueurs de Cartes’ painter CEZANNE
‘Look it up online, Sooner State!’ OKGOOGLE
‘Mind your manners, Buckeye State!’ OHBEHAVE
‘See? I was right!’ TOLDYA
‘That’s the spot!’ AAH
‘Underworld’ director Wiseman LEN
‘___ be my pleasure’ ITD
49er’s goal LODE
Aid criterion NEED
Alter ego of Wade Wilson DEADPOOL
Battery parts TESTS
Beef for braising SHORTRIB
Brother of George W JEB
Burstyn’s ‘Same Time, Next Year’ co-star ALDA
Changes from green to red, perhaps RIPENS
Chuck Yeager reached it in 1947 MACHONE
Count (on) DEPEND
Cut drastically AXE
Dick’s co-star in ‘Cleopatra’ LIZ
Does sum math ADDS
Eschews the diet, say INDULGES
ESPN’s Courage Award is named for him ASHE
First film in a 24-film series DRNO
Flexible conjunction ANDOR
Flow slow SEEP
Fordham fig GPA
Form of Sanskrit VEDIC
Franklin with a Grammy Legend Award ARETHA
French vineyard CRU
Got into DUG
Grandmother of Enos EVE
Himalayan foot PAW
Home of ‘Silicon Valley’ HBO
Jittery ONEDGE
Journey to Mecca HAJ
King Rudolf V of Ruritania’s place of imprisonment ZENDA
Kingdom of Ferdinand and Isabella ARAGON
Lancaster emblem ROSE
Large-scale MACRO
Latest film in a 24-film series SPECTRE
Light tan cigars CLAROS
Like some TVs with closed captions MUTED
Lipton alternative SALADA
Locks up? HAIR
Lummox APE
MSNBC’s Melber ARI
Mug, say ROB
Mustache named for a master criminal FUMANCHU
Nation between Allemagne and Italie SUISSE
Natural order of the universe TAO
Numerous MANY
Old tongue of Ireland ERSE
Popgun popper CORK
Practice with whips? SADISM
Promgoer’s woe ZIT
Quaking, maybe SCARED
Quite a crowd THRONG
Recreational bud, perhaps POT
Remiss LAX
Robespierre’s refusal NON
Shearable she EWE
Shout-out word HOLLA
Sit in the cellar AGE
Slick stuff OIL
Square between two primes FOUR
Sweetie, modernly BAE
Sweetie, quaintly BEAU
Sycophantic follower LAPDOG
TV personality who co-authored ‘The Morning Show Murders’ ALROKER
Underhanded DEVIOUS
Unlike binge shoppers FRUGAL
Wealthy retiree of cartoons MAGOO