Wall Street Journal – Aug 29 2022 – “Hair Care” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Didn’t I tell you?” SEE
“No seats left” sign SRO
“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star Simu LIU
“Walking in Memphis” singer Marc COHN
“Who’s on First?” comedian BUDABBOTT
“You got that right!” YEAH
Added, as humor INJECTED
Approve as a matter of routine RUBBERSTAMP
Apt. ad abbr BDRM
Aragon appetizers TAPAS
Awful coffee, in slang MUD
Barrage of marketing ADBLITZ
British thriller author Eric AMBLER
Careful not to reveal too much GUARDED
Catnapped DOZED
Chain with the Chalupa Supreme TACOBELL
Change, as decor REDO
Charger accessory ADAPTER
Chums, in London MATES
Coll. overlooking the Rio Grande UTEP
Concern for a stylist, and what’s found in the circled letters SPLITENDS
Count of jazz BASIE
Cry on sighting 15-Across EEK
Date with a D.D.S. or M.D APPT
Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) STU
Disentangle UNTIE
Distant FAR
Divinity sch. subj REL
Duffer’s problem, to be honest? BADLIE
Elephant ancestor MASTODON
Find common ground AGREE
Great Plains language family SIOUAN
Group with a Grand Lodge ELKS
Help out AID
Hubbub ADO
In the altogether BARE
Inbox buildup EMAILS
Clues Answers
Instant message pioneer AOL
Intrinsic nature ESSENCE
Islamic celebration that follows Ramadan EID
Joined the cast ACTED
King Harald V’s father OLAV
Letters indicating urgency ASAP
Like a fresh brownie MOIST
Like off-the-rack garments READYTOWEAR
Like some delicate lingerie LACY
Minimize the importance of DEVALUE
Mohawk Valley city UTICA
Music’s Yoko ONO
NFL scores TDS
Nixon’s first veep AGNEW
Not fooled by ONTO
NYPD advisory APB
Perceive DISCERN
Pie ___ mode ALA
Plant bugs, e.g SPY
POTUS between DDE and LBJ JFK
Prepare Mexican beans, perhaps REFRY
Put into words SAY
Puts to work USES
Python or boa SNAKE
Ranch worker HIREDHAND
Rats’ kin MICE
Returns to the Enterprise BEAMSUP
Rules, briefly REGS
Saldana of “Avengers: Infinity War” ZOE
Setting of Iran, Iraq and Israel MIDEAST
Streak on a cheek TEAR
Stroke gently PET
Swing above a net TRAPEZE
Taiwanese laptop brand ACER
Water carrier PAIL
Weepily sentimental MAUDLIN
What a Manx is missing TAIL
Winter pajamas FLANNELS

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