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Wall Street Journal – Aug 3 2021 – Drops Down Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Get outta here!” SHOO
“Heavens!” GEE
“Oh, okay” ISEE
A long way FAR
Airplane wing features FLAPS
Assistance AID
Baby buggy, to a Brit PRAM
Be of one mind AGREE
Beat Generation figure Cassady NEAL
Bill providers ATMS
Braves star for 21 seasons AARON
Came together MET
Capital of Iran? RIAL
City on Lake Michigan known for its kringle RACINEWISCONSIN
Clumsy smear DAUB
Concert booster AMP
Crier’s cry HEARYE
Critic’s concern ARTS
Dehydrate PARCH
Difficult to solve KNOTTY
Does some TSA work SCREENS
Dough in a jar, perhaps TIP
Etcher’s agent ACID
Fawn’s mother DOE
First female House speaker PELOSI
Flag staff MAST
Flower part SEPAL
Game spot ARENA
Getting drenched, say, or like 3-, 4- and 8-Down? CAUGHTINTHERAIN
Hotel room temptation MINIBAR
Hypothesize POSIT
Incorporate ADD
It’s often sheepish GRIN
Java neighbor SUMATRA
Knight wear ARMOR
Language of New Zealand MAORI
Letter before Foxtrot ECHO
Milano’s country ITALIA
MLB player in a red, white and blue uniform NAT
More fibrous ROPIER
Music category that includes emo and grunge ALTROCK
New York’s Moynihan Train Hall, e.g RAILROADSTATION
On the ocean ASEA
Org. for Penguins and Ducks NHL
Overture follower ACTI
Palindrome tracker? RADAR
Paper package REAM
Pendulum’s path ARC
Peripheral OUTER
Pop star Grande, to fans ARI
Popular brew, in brief IPA
Portion on a plate SERVING
Privy to INON
Progressive spokeswoman FLO
Pull a fast one on DUPE
Put a limit on CAP
Queens airport code LGA
Refrain syllable TRA
Reproductive cell OVUM
Rotini and rigatoni PASTAS
Satirist’s specialty WIT
Shade TONE
Silky material NYLON
Smurf with a beard PAPA
Speaker feature BASS
Spirit of nature NYMPH
Spot sellers ADREPS
Store away STASH
Surveillance camera feature PAN
Takes place OCCURS
Testing stage BETA
Traffic diverter, at times PARADE
Two-time Wimbledon champ Edberg STEFAN
Vital datum on a blood donor card TYPE
Week’s septet DAYS