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Wall Street Journal – Aug 31 2021 – Top Pair Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“About the author” paragraphs BIOS
“Come Fly With Me” lyricist Sammy CAHN
“Despacito” singer Fonsi LUIS
“Everybody wins!” ITSATIE
“Okay, you win” IGIVEIN
“Sadly, that’s not the case” ALASNO
Al Capp’s “___ Abner” LIL
Annual theater awards OBIES
Ant. of ant SYN
Bankruptcy RUIN
Basic material ALKALI
Beltway batter NAT
Bluegrass singer ___ Vincent RHONDA
Brazilian berry ACAI
Cracked AJAR
Cricket necessity BALL
Cruelly criticize TRASH
Dallas sch SMU
Darth Vader’s domain DARKSIDE
Doja Cat’s music RAP
Five carats GRAM
Force divided by acceleration MASS
Former grad ALUM
Go to black FADE
Golf’s Palmer, casually ARNIE
Graduation distinction MAGNACUMLAUDE
Greeting for a general SALUTE
Inexplicable flier UFO
Island 100 miles south of Key West CUBA
Kidney-related RENAL
Kind of council or sovereignty TRIBAL
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Letter-shaped girders IBEAMS
Light-sensitive retinal cells RODS
Like the Grinch MEAN
Like unripe bananas FIRM
Line at the bottom of a bill TAX
Linguistically loose SLANGY
Looks over EYES
Major or Minor constellation URSA
Many a craft brew, for short IPA
Notions IDEAS
Once more ANEW
Pack animal ASS
Pages to fill out FORMS
Paper quantity REAM
Park on the Maine coast ACADIA
Piece of punditry OPED
Piles ALOT
Pixar protagonist with a lucky fin NEMO
Pound, pint or peck UNIT
Prepped with worms BAITED
Prez on pennies ABE
Primatology subject APE
Prisms and cubes, e.g SOLIDS
Purchase at the pump GAS
Red splatter on a shirt, perhaps SPAGHETTISAUCE
Reduced amount LESS
Revitalizing break NAP
Scarab beetles that emerge in late spring JUNEBUGS
Seasonal Burl Ives song, and a hint to the circled letters SILVERANDGOLD
Seehorn of “Better Call Saul” RHEA
Stir up ROIL
Stone with a play of color OPAL
Stubbable digit TOE
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s country IRAN
Surname in a Brontë book EYRE
Texting expression of gratitude THX
Their trucks play music in Japan and Taiwan GARBAGEHAULERS
Total at the checkout RINGUP
Traditional attire for an Indian bride SARI
Unprocessed RAW
When many diners serve breakfast ALLDAY
When tripled, “you get the picture” YADDA
Without any changes ASIS
___ polloi HOI