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Wall Street Journal – Aug 5 2021 – “System Folders” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Great Expectations” narrator PIP
“I hate the Moor” speaker IAGO
“Mind. Blown.” IMINAWE
Address with dots URL
App whose logo is based on an envelope GMAIL
Applies in splotches DABS
Bass, e.g ALE, DEEP
Betrayed fear PALED
Bigeyes and skipjacks TUNAS
Bridge blunder RENEGE
Bright spaces ATRIA
Capital 140 miles southwest of Richmond RALEIGH
Coati coat FUR
Collaboratively ASATEAM
County bordering London ESSEX
Creature on the Australian coat of arms EMU
Dantley in the Basketball Hall of Fame ADRIAN
Decide against further action SITPAT
Dermatology tools LASERS
Dramamine target NAUSEA
End for ethyl or methyl ENE
End for human or fact OID
Fan’s focus IDOL
Fight setting RING
Filled, as a survey box XDIN
Forever young, seemingly AGELESS
Frederick the Great’s kingdom PRUSSIA
Fuel additive brand STP
GPS, to Brits SATNAV
Gunshot providers in “Peter and the Wolf” TIMPANI
Half-asleep, say TINGLY
Hangs like a chandelier DANGLES
Have ___ (know somebody) ANIN
Heads of pubs EDS
Heavy hammer MAUL
Hero material SALAMI
Hollow, poetically VALE
Iced tea request NOSUGAR
Institutional bed-making technique, and a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters HOSPITALCORNERS
Internal combustion engine inventor Lenoir ETIENNE
Intricate networks WEBS
Juice providers OUTLETS
Link up MEET
London insurer since 1688 LLOYDS
Lunch hour, often NOONTIME
Make finer SIFT
Margarine component CORNOIL
Micronesian territory GUAM
Moved some stock HERDED
Nose-in-the-air type SNOB
Part of many profiles BIO
Prepare (oneself) GIRD
RBs score them TDS
Scathing ACERBIC
Scenery chewer HAM
Screw feature SLOT
Scrubbed NOGO
Secure, in a way STOW
Site of a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Some skin-care products TONERS
Son of Eric the Red LEIF
Spritzes, say WETS
Stadium shout OLE
Steal preventer TAG
Stick-to-itiveness GRIT
Strong joe MUD
Stud spot EARLOBE
Sushi bar snack EDAMAME
Tehran tongue FARSI
This answer, e.g NOUN
Unsavory look LEER
Works in a studio ART