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Wall Street Journal – Aug 5 2022 – “Power Play” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Ex Machina” director Garland ALEX
“Get lost!” SCRAM
“Go, team!” RAH
30-ton computer ENIAC
Animator’s sheet CEL
AOL mailings, once CDS
As easy as falling off ___ ALOG
Backs with bucks BETSON
Bill in a till TEN
Blue hue AQUA
Boarding spot GATE
Bound HOP
Brand once sold in watermelon, blue cream and luau flavors NEHI
Bus. sch. study ECON
Classroom drudgery ROTE
Collections for craftspeople TOOLSETS
Cologne conjunction UND
Colonnade tree ELM
Come into view EMERGE
Concert hall ODEON
Consumerist Ralph NADER
Day division HOUR
Elegantly simple SPARE
Energy choice SOLAR
Espresso pro BARISTA
Fall preceder TRIP
Flock faction EWES
For a couple, in scoring ADUE
Fresh NEW
Genesis spot EDEN
Hardly remarkable NOGREATSHAKES
Hepburn’s “The Lion in Winter” co-star OTOOLE
Historic caravel NINA
Home of the Crimson Tide BAMA
House event VOTE
How some folk heroes are celebrated INSONG
It requires taking turns MAZE
Jump on blades AXEL
Like a play about plays META
Like some floors TILED
Major vein LODE
Makeup of some gloves LAMBSKIN
Manhattan component RYE
Masons’ aids HODS
Met offering OPERA
Motel come-on, back in the day FREETV
Nymph punished by Hera ECHO
Object ITEM
One going for the gold, perhaps MINER
One of a dodecahedron’s dozen FACE
Openly confess AVOW
Outfielder with a record 7,095 putouts MAYS
Parthenon is spelled with two NUS
Patisserie lure AROMA
Pitcher Wilhelm in Cooperstown HOYT
Polyphonic composition MADRIGAL
Pound part OUNCE
Primary care physician, at times REFERRER
Question from a recalcitrant child WHYSHOULDI
RPM gauges TACHS
Scott of “Severance” ADAM
Second power’s counterpart SQUAREROOT
Sigh of satisfaction AAH
Take off FLEE
Tally mark NOTCH
They hold your horses STABLES
Towel label HIS
Trifling MERE
Upper house of le Parlement français SENAT
Visit slumberland DOZE
Warty creature TOAD
Zero, essentially OVAL