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Wall Street Journal – Aug 6 2022 – “Secret Agents” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Better Call Saul” network AMC
“I’m ___ here!” OUTTA
“Oliver Twist” villain FAGIN
“Really?” OHYES
“Sleep and Poetry” poet KEATS
“Ta-da!” VOILA
“Zounds!” EGAD
Absence of effort EASE
Ancient Briton CELT
Apartment agreement LEASE
App makeup CODE
Artist’s studio ATELIER
At some time ONEDAY
Ballpark beverage BEER
Bandleader Puente TITO
Be without LACK
Bout site RING
Boxing, say ENCASING
Bug’s kin WIRETAP
Chain part LINK
Change back REVERT
Chilly temperatures TEENS
Clumsy sort OAF
College near Cleveland OBERLIN
Comedy or tragedy GENRE
Completely encloses SEALSUP
Conforms FITSIN
Consumer protection org FTC
Correction target ERROR
Crooner Mel TORME
Cry from the bleachers RAH
David and Alfred, e.g NAMES
Dead end sign NOOUTLET
Deceptively shouting “I’m up! I’m up!”? REPLYINGINBED
Department store department MENS
Desire WANT
Determined SET
Difficult to upset STAID
Dinosaur statuettes? CERAMICREPTILES
Dior dress ALINE
Distant FAR
Drone, e.g BEE
E or G, e.g NOTE
Early computer ENIAC
Electrically adaptable ACDC
Former tadpole FROG
Game originally called “La Conquete du Monde” RISK
Gardner of “The Night of the Iguana” AVA
Gathered gradually GLEANED
Gravity-powered vehicle SLED
Grievances posted on TikTok? REPROACHCLIPS
Groups of mos YRS
Guitar accessory CAPO
H.S. exams PSATS
He played Robin to Audrey’s Marian SEAN
Historic time AGE
Horn of Africa nation SOMALIA
Horse hastener SPUR
In the manner of ALA
Informal attempts STABS
International understanding ENTENTE
Irritate ANNOY
Irritated VEXED
IT department focuses PCS
Item made to measure RULER
Japanese title of respect SAN
Jazz wailers SAXES
Less green, maybe RIPER
Literally, “harbor wave” TSUNAMI
Made a hole DUG
Makes smaller PARES
Mark’s successor EURO
Medical service CARE
Method: Abbr SYST
Military mind game, for short PSYOP
Money subj ECON
Most of Turkey ANATOLIA
Muse of history CLIO
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Need for bakers and brewers YEAST
Not long ago RECENT
Not pro ANTI
Off! ingredient DEET
Open prize CUP
Ovine outcry BAA
Part of an Exodus escape route REDSEA
Pastrami purveyor DELI
Patella’s place KNEE
Perfect places EDENS
Person from Paisley SCOT
Play around, in a way TOUR
Position STAND
Prepare for sailing RIG
Pretend to be a ghost GROAN
Pugilist given to couplets ALI
Queens stadium dedicatee ASHE
Rainbow shape ARC
Remote locations, maybe SOFAS
Rend RIP
Richard of “Primal Fear” GERE
Road crew’s concern? SURFACETOREPAIR
Saline delivery DRIP
Sch. supporter PTA
Schemer’s creation PLAN
Send backup to REINFORCE
Seriously impressed INAWE
Service seating PEWS
Shop holder CLAMP
Siouan language OSAGE
Slide on slats SKI
Slippery ELUSIVE
Snail, quail or whale ANIMAL
Societal standard NORM
Soho subway TUBE
Some deer ROES
Some trainees INTERNS
SOS, less briefly HELPME
Square root of nove TRE
Sums up ADDS
Surprise, perhaps WALKINON
Tambourine alternative MARACAS
Tarkenton in the Pro Football Hall of Fame FRAN
The Kaaba’s location MECCA
Tijuana title SENOR
Tiramisu dusting COCOA
To the back, on a boat AREAR
Trillion, prefix-wise TERA
Turkey’s Atatürk KEMAL
Unfocused dread ANGST
Unruly do MOP
Was bold DARED
Where most people live ASIA