Wall Street Journal – Aug 7 2018 – Game Plan

Clues Answers
‘Now do you understand?’ SEE
‘The Graduate’ girl ELAINE
‘Twilight’ heroine BELLA
2008 album from R&B singer Ray J ALLIFEEL
Act part SCENE
Antarctic seal CRABEATER
Back muscle LAT
Bank acct. addition INT
Bit of smoke WISP
Brief social visit CALL
Broken, in a way TAMED
Campfire treats SMORES
Caribbean island south of Martinique STLUCIA
City east of San Diego LAMESA
Color of WWII army uniforms OLIVEDRAB
Debate position PRO
Deck quartet ACES
Do the wrong thing ERR
Drink cooler ICE
Earth’s crust, e.g TOPLAYER
Evaluation based on a single deciding issue LITMUSTEST
Everglades Natl. Pk. setting FLA
Falling off a horse, say STUNT
Fends off RESISTS
Finished off ATE
Float on the breeze WAFT
Flying colors? FLAG
Folk singer Burl IVES
Funny Phyllis DILLER
Gather over time AMASS
Gets going STARTS
Granola bit OAT
Grassy garments HULASKIRTS
Heaps ATON
Hickory’s cousin WALNUT
Historic Russian space station MIR
Hoop setting, at times EAR
Intense anger IRE
Clues Answers
Irish exclamation BEGORRA
Jargon ending ESE
Leave out OMIT
Letters following Elizabeth Warren’s name DMA
Like contraband ILLEGAL
Map out PLAN
Miniature workers ANTS
Mollusks with spiral shells NAUTILI
NYC subway line IRT
Obama attorney general Lynch LORETTA
Official seal SIGNET
On this spot HERE
One who works with figures? SKATER
Orbit, e.g GUM
Oscar winner Blanchett CATE
Passed on RELAYED
Pot additions WAGERS
Protective charm AMULET
Pushpin’s kin TACK
Quantities: Abbr AMTS
Range of colors PALETTE
Really long times EONS
River to the Mediterranean NILE
Sailor’s intake SALTAIR
Scarlett’s home TARA
Sharif of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ OMAR
Silver or silicon ELEMENT
Speaker of the quote found in this puzzle’s circled letters PLATO
Square footage AREA
Suggest HINTAT
Sundial numeral III
Superman logo shape ESS
Tattoos, informally INK
Teller of tales LIAR
Waistband makeup ELASTIC
Went after CHASED
Working together ASATEAM
Zero, in cricket scores NIL

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