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Wall Street Journal – Aug 7 2021 – “Animal Rescue” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“In Treatment” star Uzo ADUBA
“Nonsense, old chap!” TOSH
“Still mooing” RARE
“This Is Us” airer NBC
“This meeting could have been an email” WHYAMIHERE
“To Be Young, Gifted and Black” singer NINASIMONE
115-Across that help you ascend a steeple? BATSINTHEBELFRY
115-Across that help you find your concert seat? DUCKSINAROW
115-Across that help you measure inseams? ANTSINTHEPANTS
115-Across that help you pour water on sauna rocks? GORILLASINTHEMIST
115-Across that help you stay warm at night? PIGSINABLANKET
115-Across that help your baby fall asleep? CATSINTHECRADLE
2016 Rihanna album ANTI
Add spirits to LACE
Adventurer Croft LARA
Al Sharpton nickname REV
Alamo choice CAR
Alternative to Rx OTC
Anakin’s mentor in the ways of the Force OBIWAN
Barbarian of pulp magazines CONAN
Bassoonist’s buy REED
Bay Area inst. dedicated to health science UCSF
Big brutes OGRES
Big name in test prep KAPLAN
Bishop’s topper MITER
Bit of seaweed ALGA
Book jacket paragraphs BIOS
Busybodies YENTAS
Call for NEED
Chef Matsuhisa with a chain of namesake restaurants NOBU
Church recess APSE
Coastal desert of Africa NAMIB
Companions that may provide assistance in six scenarios described in this puzzle SERVICEPETS
Compassionate HUMANE
Compilation album type BESTOF
Consequence ENDRESULT
Coup d’___ ETAT
Created for a particular purpose ADHOC
Daffy or Goofy, e.g TOON
Dance done to Offenbach’s “Galop Infernal” CANCAN
Dharma teacher LAMA
Dirt bike’s cousin ATV
Door adornment, sometimes WREATH
Elephant in a green suit BABAR
Emperor who turned Anakin against 27-Across PALPATINE
Finish for kitchen or luncheon ETTE
Flasher in a club STROBE
Foolish folks DODOS
Fritos, Cheetos and Doritos SNACKS
Fry cook’s protector APRON
Fundamentally ATROOT
Fundamentals ABCS
Genetic variant ALLELE
Getting up there AGING
Goalie’s spot NET
Grand Ole ___ OPRY
Hunter’s wear CAMO
Ibiza, por ejemplo ISLA
IDs targeted by phishers SSNS
Initial, e.g LETTER
Insect repellent ingredient DEET
It may lead to a deadlock SPLITVOTE
Itty-bitty WEE
Jai ___ ALAI
Jay who preceded Jimmy LENO
Kitchen appliance brand AMANA
Larry of the Cavaliers NANCE
Lerner’s partner on Broadway LOEWE
Clues Answers
Less disguised, as emotions RAWER
Like the scenes inside some globes SNOWY
Like, SO overdone PASSE
Major movie theater chain AMC
Marvel role for Anthony Hopkins ODIN
Memo inits ATTN
Mental sharpness WIT
Messenger of the gods HERMES
Midnight staple on Christmas Eve MASS
Minority group? TEENS
Most watchful ALERTEST
Nigerian-born singer with four Grammys SADE
Occurred AROSE
One kicked by a bratty kid, maybe SHIN
Othello, for one BOARDGAME
Paris agreement OUI
Patch up SEW
Peacemaker’s place INBETWEEN
Perfect place UTOPIA
Permissible LICIT
Persian for “scratch me”? MEW
Pool divisions LANES
Pot’s spot STOVE
Quaint lodging INN
Quietly fume SEETHE
QVC partner channel HSN
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Ravager of 5th-century Europe HUN
Relay part LEG
Rolls up FURLS
Rough houses SHACKS
Seabird with a forked tail TERN
She took silver to Yamaguchi’s gold at the 1992 Winter Olympics ITO
Shredded pork dish MOOSHU
Shyest of the March sisters BETH
Softball stat RBI
Sorrowful sound SOB
Speedboat speed KNOTS
Spiral shape COIL
Spot with a landmark that’s inclined to impress PISA
Start in earnest SETTO
Statement of support ICARE
Surrealist with an iconic mustache DALI
Suspect SHADY
Symbol for viscosity ETA
Symbol of power? CARET
Targets for quills INKWELLS
The Islamic Consultative Assembly is its legislature IRAN
Tiny amount DRIB
Transfix RIVET
Treat designed by actual rocket scientists ASTROPOP
Underlying pattern of the universe TAO
Unfeeling, as a robotic voice TONELESS
Vague sense VIBE
Vaughan Williams’s “Riders to the Sea,” e.g OPERA
Vein yields ORES
Vicious on stage SID
Walk heavily TROMP
Wanting nothing more SATED
Was all smiles, say LITUP
What the S of “sohcahtoa” stands for SINE
Where Hercules killed a lion NEMEA
Who to call after a crash ITTEAM
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s role in “The Trial of the Chicago 7” SEALE
You might have one for snakes PHOBIA
Youngsters who hardly give a hoot? OWLETS
Zero, essentially OVAL
Zoo barrier MOAT