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Wall Street Journal – Dec 26 2018 – Boxing Day

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Clues Answers
‘Little House on the Prairie’ girl LAURA
‘Suits’ network USA
‘That’s repulsive!’ ICK
‘The Luck of Roaring Camp’ writer Harte BRET
‘The Pearl Fishers’ composer BIZET
‘___ framed!’ IWAS
Anxious feeling AGITA
Assembly line products AUTOS
Atkins of ‘Gosford Park’ EILEEN
Beer from Honshu ASAHI
Bike part CHAIN
Blank, now ERASED
Bloke CHAP
Bolshoi performance BALLET
Boxing container found in the four longest Across answers CRATE
Brass component ZINC
Chameleons’ cousins IGUANAS
Chem class setting LAB
Defeat decisively SHELLAC
Disco fanatic on ‘The Simpsons’ STU
Does the wrong thing ERRS
Drive dangerously VEER
Dymo product LABELMAKER
Elementary BASIC
Entered silently STOLEIN
Fidel’s farewell ADIOS
Fish-eating mammal OTTER
Golf’s Palmer, familiarly ARNIE
Having smaller particles FINER
Huff and puff PANT
Hundredth of an Egyptian pound PIASTRE
Hyundai compact ELANTRA
Informal farewell TATA
It’s rolled out for a rain delay TARP
Jerry of ‘Law & Order’ ORBACH
Kin of Inc LTD
Letter that looks like H ETA
Lettuce variety BIBB
Like furniture suitable for patio use ALLWEATHER
Measure of energy expended METABOLICRATE
More than unpopular HATED
Mr. Scratch SATAN
Neck check PULSE
One might get tipped HAT
Opera set near the Nile AIDA
Pay to play ANTE
Physician born on the island of Kos HIPPOCRATES
Ranch symbol BRAND
Saintly sister NUN
Sandy color ECRU
Scathingly sarcastic CAUSTIC
Service roads? PAVE
Sicilian peak ETNA
Some obfuscating jargon BUREAUCRATESE
Stock market pessimist BEAR
Stop indicator RED
Summer in Saint-Tropez ETE
Swiss currency FRANC
Thigh-length garment TUNIC
Timetable abbr ARR
Tycho, for one LUNARCRATER
Verve ELAN
Weapons with a stun setting PHASERS
Wedding cake features TIERS
Wee worker ANT
Wolfish look LEER
Wraps up ENDS
Zodiac crustacean CRAB
___ arms (angry) UPIN