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Wall Street Journal – Dec 3 2018 – Divas

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Clues Answers
‘Aww, there, there’ POORDEAR
‘Blame It on the Bossa Nova’ singer EYDIEGORME
‘Presto!’ VOILA
‘The Heart of Dixie’ ALABAMA
1971 French Open and Wimbledon champion EVONNEGOOLAGONG
A pop PER
Accomplished DID
Advice from a broker SELL
All but one prime ODDNUMBERS
Andretti, Lanza and Cuomo MARIOS
Anna’s sister in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
At any time EVER
At no time NEVER
Aunt, in Argentina TIA
Auto introduced in 1904 REO
Ball team wear CAPS
Bee follower CEE
Before, in poems ERE
Believed without questioning ATEUP
Bottom-line figure SUM
Car’s quartet TIRES
Case for a dermatologist ACNE
Charlie Chaplin’s wife and ‘The Great Dictator’ co-star PAULETTEGODDARD
Clever thought IDEA
Convention NORM
Couple PAIR
Dark Chinese tea variety OOLONG
Elevator innovator OTIS
Evan Rachel Wood’s ‘Westworld’ role DOLORES
Flair ELAN
Frozen dessert GELATO
Gray in an Oscar Wilde story DORIAN
Heaps ATON
Hot spot SAUNA
Human’s cousin APE
Jetty PIER
June birthstone PEARL
Just dandy FINE
Largest portion MOST
Latin American soap opera TELENOVELA
Like Clark Kent and Princess Leia ADOPTED
Like divas, and like the names at 17-, 26- and 43-Across EGOCENTRIC
Little liar FIBBER
Longer of the two forearm bones ULNA
Motivator for Midas GREED
Nick and Nora’s dog ASTA
Ocean motion TIDE
On the sheltered side, at sea ALEE
One placed on a pedestal IDOL
Opening GAP
Parisian agreement OUI
Pill bottle info DOSE
Point at which a curve intersects itself NODE
Presidential power VETO
Prevent from leaking, as steak juices SEALIN
Proton’s place ATOM
Quaint letter salutation SIRS
Quarterback Marino DAN
Rascal Flatts, for one TRIO
Responds well to change ADAPTS
River through Florence ARNO
Secretive nature CAGINESS
She helped Theseus solve the Minotaur’s labyrinth ARIADNE
Single-masted sailboat SLOOP
St. Patrick’s land EIRE
States SAYS
Stationary ATREST
Turn out ENDUP
Unexceptional AVERAGE
Victim of temptation EVE
Yale students ELIS