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Wall Street Journal – Dec 31 2018 – Seize the Day

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t ___ until Christmas’ OPEN
‘___ about time!’ ITS
‘___ appetit!’ BON
*Contrariwise VICEVERSA
*Island nation west of Africa CAPEVERDE
*Safety wear when boating LIFEVEST
*Soothing lotion additive ALOEVERA
*They’re followed by direct objects TRANSITIVEVERBS
1504, in old Rome MDIV
Adequate UPTOPAR
And so on ETCETERA
Assent in Arles OUI
Bakery worker ICER
Barrel piece STAVE
Bathroom, in brief LAV
Big name in arcade games ATARI
Bird on a Canadian dollar LOON
Black goo TAR
Boldly state AVER
Bone, in combinations OSTE
Brewpub brew ALE
Captain of the Nautilus NEMO
Clark’s colleague at The Daily Planet LOIS
Coll. kin UNIV
Compared (to) INCONTRAST
Congratulations for a bar mitzvah boy MAZELTOV
Container for coals SCUTTLE
Cornea-reshaping surgery LASIK
Counsel ADVISE
Dah’s Morse counterpart DIT
Dance move STEP
Day before that’s found in the starred answers EVE
Doily makeup LACE
Fencing weapons EPEES
Fireplace features GRATES
Fluffy or Fido PET
Flying cost FARE
Four years, for presidents TERM
From Muscat, say OMANI
Go the way of a snowman MELT
Highway division LANE
Julia Louis-Dreyfus series VEEP
Like nogs EGGY
Like urban real estate ZONED
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Mao ___-tung TSE
Michael who headed Disney EISNER
Michelle and Barack’s elder daughter MALIA
Mom’s sister AUNT
Museum focus ART
New Year’s Day 2019, e.g.: Abbr TUE
Paddle’s kin OAR
Racket SCAM
Release, as a door lock UNBOLT
Restaurant offering MEAL
Rockefeller in New York: Abbr CTR
Rose holder VASE
Rose part STEM
School paper ESSAY
Self-referential, in current lingo META
Short and sweet TERSE
Sighting from the crow’s-nest LAND
Sign over a door EXIT
Simple counting devices ABACI
Sinister manipulator SVENGALI
Some Best Buy buys TVS
Spotted SEEN
Superior to ABOVE
Superlative suffix EST
The Fool, The Hermit and The Hanged Man, for three TAROTCARDS
Tuneful Turner TINA
Underwear, informally SKIVVIES
Use four-letter words CURSE
Verdi work AIDA
Verdi works OPERAS
Veto NIX
Words after ham or whoop ITUP
Work in a manor, facetiously BUTTLE