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Wall Street Journal – Dec 8 2018 – Going Postal

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Clues Answers
‘7 Essential Leadership Lessons from Santa Claus,’ e.g LISTICLE
‘La Musique aux Tuileries’ painter MANET
‘Quiet!’ STOWIT
‘Symbolic Logic’ author John VENN
‘Taste the Feeling’ brand COKE
‘The Black Duchess’ painter GOYA
‘The Walking Dead’ network AMC
‘The Wand of Youth’ composer ELGAR
‘They made me’ IHADTO
‘___ midnight, but small thoughts have I of sleep’: Coleridge TIS
1959 hit for the Fiestas SOFINE
1983 title role for Woody Allen ZELIG
Agreement from an ensign AYE
Alberta hockey player OILER
All alternative NONE
Archaeological discoveries TOMBS
Arles affirmative OUI
Audiophile’s collection LPS
Bamboo muncher PANDA
Bat wood ASH
Bidding BEHEST
Bookworms, e.g LARVAS
Budget boarding HOSTEL
Calc prerequisite, often TRIG
Caprese salad component BASIL
Carthaginian queen who loved Aeneas DIDO
Characters in a long-running game franchise SIMS
Column style IONIC
Country music’s ___ Brown Band ZAC
Crime reporter VICTIM
Demand for a simple answer YESORNO
Diva delivery ARIA
Domenico Scarlatti works SONATAS
Door on a soap opera set? SERIALPORTAL
Each PER
Element that produces a violet gas when heated IODINE
Express VOICE
Fancy ball with no admission fee? FREEFORMAL
Far downfield DEEP
Fight site ARENA
First noun in the Second Amendment MILITIA
Foot part INCH
Funnel-shaped flower AZALEA
Get trounced LOSE
Gilbert of ‘The Conners’ SARA
Give fresh strength to RENEW
Got together MET
Great Basin National Park location NEVADA
Greenish songbird VIREO
Guitar great Eddy DUANE
Hang loosely DRAPE
Hero of ‘The Iliad’ AJAX
High school student, informally TEENER
Hotel visit STAY
House Beautiful focus DECOR
Hustle SCAM
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Implement, in a way ENFORCE
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Jam ingredient? CAR
Junk dealer? PUSHER
Katz’s Deli specialty HOTPASTRAMI
Key close to Ctrl ALT
Laps up ENJOYS
Like pie crust borders, often CRIMPED
Clues Answers
Litter setting STY
Longest mountain range ANDES
Marbling makeup FAT
Market figure GROCER
Meg of ‘The Big Chill’ TILLY
Middle of three black keys AFLAT
Most avant-garde EDGIEST
One of ten in an alley PIN
Options for the expecting NAMES
Pale purple paste POI
Part of a prof’s potpourri? TEACHERSPETAL
Perfecta, for one BET
Planet of dragonriders, in books by Anne McCaffrey PERN
Polyhedron part FACE
Post position EDITOR
Preference between two of the chef’s entrails dishes? BETTEROFFAL
President Andrzej Duda’s nation POLAND
Quartet for Katharine Hepburn OSCARS
Quinceanera adornment TIARA
Quod ___ demonstrandum ERAT
Radius neighbor ULNA
Recipe verb ADD
Repressive rulers DESPOTS
Ruthless CRUEL
Safecracker’s associate FENCE
Sanction PENALTY
Seat of Utah County PROVO
Shelley work ODE
Shelley works POEMS
Sinister sign OMEN
Skating event PAIRS
Soldier’s temporary lodging BILLET
Spoke candidly OPENEDUP
Staff worker AIDE
Stage direction in ‘The French Flutist’? EXITRAMPAL
Staggers REELS
Stamina, so to speak LEGS
Strong trigger of memories ODOR
Suit to ___ ATEE
Talking unicorn, on an iPhone X ANIMOJI
Taylor Swift, for one POPSTAR
Tear RIP
The Huns, e.g NOMADS
The senses, e.g PENTAD
There’s interest in them LOANS
Third son SETH
Three-time Tour de France champion Greg LEMOND
Trevor on TV NOAH
Tricky question POSER
Trounced BEATEN
Ultraviolet absorber OZONE
Unhealthy appearance PALLOR
Union pay SCALE
Videorecorder from Sony BETACAM
VIP in the South Dakota diocese? PIERRECARDINAL
Waco university BAYLOR
Water from France EVIAN
Waterway polluted by dumpers? GARBAGECANAL
Wedding words IDO
Wild canine prowling a coastal city of California? MONTEREYJACKAL
Wing ELL
Wolfish LUPINE
Workplace boon CAMARADERIE
Years, to Yves ANS