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Wall Street Journal – February 13 2019 – Possessive People

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Clues Answers
‘Anything ___?’ ELSE
‘Eureka!’ inspirer IDEA
‘If ___ be so bold…’ IMAY
‘Ivanhoe’ author’s resting place? SIRWALTERSCOT
‘Men in Black’ star’s surrounding legend? WILLSMYTH
‘On the Waterfront’ actor’s exotic pet? RODSTIGER
‘Shoot!’ ASKME
‘That’s way more than I want to know!’ TMI
‘Toxic’ singer’s contemporaries? BRITNEYSPEERS
A in German class EIN
Alkaline solution LYE
An orchestra might tune to it OBOE
Antique, quaintly OLDE
Blind thing SLAT
Brit’s protein source SOYA
Burnable pile PYRE
Casino high roller WHALE
Cat with colorful points SIAMESE
Chain with a blue and yellow logo IKEA
Crayola color TAN
CT scan kin MRI
Defrauded HOSED
Drunks often do it with their drinks SLOSH
Duplicitous fellow LIAR
Edna Mode eschews them in ‘The Incredibles’ CAPES
Fibonacci sequence starter ONE
Fish-loving eagle ERNE
Fly catchers MITTS
Go for a run, perhaps SKI
Grind down ERODE
Half of deca- PENTA
Handle SEETO
Handles NAMES
Hill partner DALE
In vogue HIP
It erupted in December 2018 ETNA
Level TIER
Lofty lines ODE
Lord high executioner of Titipu KOKO
Many DeMille movies EPICS
Minute amounts IOTAS
Nantes noggin TETE
Not dissonant TONAL
Org. offering schedules IRS
Oysters Rockefeller ingredient SPINACH
Padlock holder HASPS
Paint finish ENAMEL
Paint finish SATIN
Parent company of Exhale spas HYATT
Pen holders? BARS
Planted SOWN
Proctor’s call TIME
Riddle question WHATAMI
Rose’s love in a 1922 play ABIE
Salt container? SHIP
Saucy PERT
Set off again REEMBARKED
Sign of summer LEO
Sister brand of Wrangler LEE
Some Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Stack at Gap TEES
Station worker PORTER
Stoop part STAIR
Tampa Bay jock RAY
Tedious talk, e.g SNORE
They might be clapped ERASERS
Top part LEAD
Trough feeders HOGS
Turn on the faucets WEEP
Up for negotiation ONTHETABLE
Vert. counterpart HOR
Villainous looks LEERS
Wally’s pal on ‘Leave It to Beaver’ EDDIE