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Wall Street Journal – February 16 2019 – Doing Backflips

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Clues Answers
‘Beam ___, Scotty’ MEUP
‘Ginger Pye’ author Eleanor ESTES
‘I’ problem EGO
‘Lucky Man’ band, for short ELP
‘Well, ___-di-dah!’ LAH
1937 Eleanor Powell musical ROSALIE
1963 Kingston Trio hit NEERGDOLLAR
Admission of inability ICANNOT
Angling equipment REELS
Arranged INORDER
Aussie dasher EMU
Bar opening? ISO
Bean town? LIMA
Before, before ERE
Bloke GUY
Boba ___ (‘Star Wars’ bounty hunter) FETT
Brain freeze triggerer SLUSHIE
British label EMI
Burning desire? ARSON
Carpal bones location WRIST
Cease communications GODARK
Champagne name from France MUMM
Circus performer FLEA
Co. abbr INC
Compliment to a vacation returnee NICETAN
Curvy letter ESS
Cuts corners? MITERS
Dancer Charisse CYD
Describe LIMN
Distressing experience TRAUMA
Dracula’s castle is there ROMANIA
Dude ranch recreation ESROHRIDING
Dust-up MELEE
Eccentric fellow COOT
Emperor Meiji’s capital TOKYO
EMT specialty CPR
Equivalent of 20 quires REAM
Exhilarating feeling RUSH
Extinguisher DOUSER
Extreme SEVERE
Family chart TREE
Fearful feeling DREAD
Former name of 7-Down EDO
Former press secretary Fleischer ARI
Former protection org. for depositors FSLIC
G.I. time off, informally RNR
Galley tool OAR
Gas company with a ‘trimark’ logo CITGO
Gives rise to SPAWNS
Grow tiresome GETOLD
Gulf of Mexico sight RIG
Hankering URGE
Heavy metal URANIUM
Heinz Field player STEELER
Home of the Bloomin’ Onion TUOSTEAKHOUSE
Hosp. staffers RNS
Inside opening? ENTO
Island ring LEI
It may gain a yard RETRAUQSNEAK
It might have an updated epilogue REPAPEDITION
John of Fox News STOSSEL
Kerfuffle ADO
Lacking purpose ADRIFT
Lieutenant to Othello CASSIO
Like Kools MENTHOL
Like many a crossword THEMED
Like the presidential suite, perhaps POSH
Lock in a salon TRESS
Look for truffles ROOTLE
Looks good on BECOMES
Loose tunic CAMISE
Make calls REF
Matter in law RES
Mom and pop org PTA
More than fast STARVE
Museum shop purchase ARTBOOK
Mystery ENIGMA
Narrow-minded INSULAR
Nonpro sports org AAU
Number of stripes on the flag of Italia TRE
Oklahoma athlete SOONER
Oscar-nominated Ang Lee film EKORBMOUNTAIN
Part of a purchasing decision COST
Part of many California place names SAN
Persistent critics RAILERS
Prior to today AGO
Pump option DIESEL
Racketeers’ worry THEFEDS
Rebus pronoun EYE
Reduces over time ERODES
Rent out LET
Restoration actress Gwyn NELL
Right on the map EAST
RMN’s opponent in 1968 HHH
Routine bit GAG
Run-on sentence? LIFE
Run-___ DMC
Salesman’s offer YENOMGUARANTEE
Senior and junior YEARS
She sang ‘FourFive-Seconds’ with Kanye and Macca RIRI
Shook hands on AGREEDTO
Sicilian hot spot ETNA
Smelter intake IRONORE
Soeurs d’un parent TANTES
Solitaire jumping-peg brand HIQ
Sought absolution ATONED
Store that sells meatballs IKEA
Switzerland’s Dom, e.g ALP
Take charge of HEAD
Taking after ALA
Tale of redemption EMOCSTORY
They’re worn to the Oscars DIORS
Took, as a test SATFOR
Umlaut, essentially TWODOTS
Unconventional ODD
Undersea singer PMUHWHALE
Unhealthy-looking SALLOW
Vance Air Force Base location ENID
Viral phenomenon MEME
Virtuoso ACE
Visibly shocked AGAPE
Warned a weaver, perhaps HONKED
West end? ERN
What poli sci majors study GOVT
What principled people take ASTAND
Whodunit element MOTIVE
Wishful thinking DREAMS
With acumen ASTUTELY
Without cash changing hands INTRADE
Word in an octagon STOP
Writer Rand AYN
Xbox fan GAMER
___ about (approximately) ONOR