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Wall Street Journal – February 20 2019 – Level Up

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Clues Answers
‘Growing Up in New Guinea’ writer MEAD
‘Huh, now that I think about it…’ OHWAIT
‘I must be off!’ GOTTARUN
‘Three Tall Women’ playwright ALBEE
‘Toy Story’ dinosaur REX
11-time French Open champ NADAL
88s or 89s, e.g BPLUSES
Airport agent SCREENER
Athletes’ shower? ESPN
Be brimming TEEM
Birthstone for many Libras OPAL
Borrowed from OWEDTO
Boxer’s warning GRR
Brexit negotiation figure MAY
Brooding sort? HEN
Cabinetry material PINE
Capture NAB
Comic book sound effect POW
Email contact info, informally ADDY
Exercised at the natatorium DIDLAPS
Facilitating ENABLING
Fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres DORY
Flat formation MESA
Futbol fan’s cheer OLE
Glade grazer DEER
Glove material LATEX
Gullible sort SAP
H in Heraklion ETA
Heavy-duty boot feature STEELTOE
High-altitude cryptid YETI
ID badge holder LANYARD
Iger’s predecessor at Disney EISNER
It’s bound for the barn BALE
Kidney unit NEPHRON
Knights’ counterparts DAMES
Lay down DICTATE
Like King Maha Vajiralongkorn THAI
Little resistance EASE
Make an indelible mark on ETCH
McKinnon who’s portrayed Hillary and Kellyanne KATE
Modern speed-detection system LIDAR
Mysterious sort ENIGMA
New arrival STRANGER
Not on the same page ATODDS
Odyssey competitor SIENNA
Old Andean INCA
Oversupply GLUT
Perfectly TOATEE
Play place STAGE
Projectile banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission LAWNDART
Put on cloud nine ELATE
Puts a sale price on, maybe RETAGS
Racket DIN
Rangers’ venue, for short MSG
See 52-Down SEAS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Site for a sale YARD
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Smack KISS
Smith reunion attendee ALUMNA
Spoil, as a grandchild DOTEON
State bird of Hawaii NENE
Stock reply? MOO
Stop being secret LEAKOUT
Stray ERR
Target for an Apple Pencil IPAD
Tells off SCOLDS
Texter’s ‘Hey, just so you know…’ BTW
Took to task CHIDED
TV medical prodigy Howser DOOGIE
URL letters WWW
Wear a long face POUT
With 61-Down, global warming consequence, and a hint to the circled letters RISING
Wolf’s home? CNN
Yemen’s fourth-largest city ADEN
Yemen’s largest city SANAA
You might work on it DESK
Yukon maker GMC