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Wall Street Journal – February 27 2019 – Taking Sides

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Clues Answers
‘Ad ___ per aspera’ ASTRA
‘Dies ___’ IRAE
‘Selma’ director DuVernay AVA
‘SNL’ alumna Cheri OTERI
‘The Vampire Diaries’ protagonist ELENA
‘Would ___ to you?’ ILIE
Ad closing? LIB
Agile SPRY
Arrogant loudmouth BLOWHARD
Basketball contact foul REACHIN
Bedding material STRAW
Bight or bay INLET
Bizet work OPERA
Brand with a Perfect Sleeper line SERTA
Brief swim DIP
Briefs brand HANES
Brooks onscreen MEL
Buddy MAC
Busy month for a CPA APR
Butterfingered INEPT
Cassowary cousin EMU
Cavs, on sports tickers CLE
Chinese tea CHA
Crafting material BALSA
Deli array MEATS
Doubled, a 1963 hit for the Kingsmen LOUIE
Existed WERE
Expo presentation DEMO
Find repugnant ABHOR
Flavor source for grilling RUB
Foaming at the mouth LIVID
Furred flyer BAT
Fuss or bother ADO
Good fighter? EVIL
Hampshire holder STY
Hold up ROB
Hurricane-tracking agcy NOAA
Japan’s prime minister ABE
Jerks the wheel VEERS
Kirk’s son MICHAEL
Like some glasses RIMLESS
Lowly laborer PEON
Made into law ENACTED
Martian explorer ROVER
Melville’s monomaniac AHAB
Midsection GUT
More valuable, perhaps RARER
On the bookshelves OUT
Part of a faith TENET
Player in a Newark arena DEVIL
Pop one open HAVEABEER
Relaxation venue SPA
Renders criminal assistance ABETS
Review of the books AUDIT
Rio and Malibu AUTOS
See 50-Across ANDCENTER
Shea’s successor CITIFIELD
Shot blocker LENSCOVER
Silver, in Sevilla PLATA
Slalom path, basically ESSES
Slangy possessive YER
Sounds of laughter PEALS
Tailgating sight LAWNCHAIR
Text-scanning abbr OCR
Totally lose it GOAPE
Traffic stopper TIEUP
Two-time NBA MVP Curry STEPH
Unveiling exclamations TADAS
Was a star athlete, perhaps LETTERED
What a J.D. might pursue LEGALCAREER
Windows progenitor MSDOS
With 64-Across, the political spectrum, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme LEFTRIGHT
World Series time LATEOCTOBER
___-Caps (movie treat) SNO