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Wall Street Journal – February 28 2019 – State Secrets

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Clues Answers
‘For want of ___ the horse was lost’ ASHOE
‘Go on…’ AND
‘Look to your wife’ cautioner IAGO
‘Marvy!’ NEATO
‘My luck’s about to change!’ IMDUE
‘Shane’ star LADD
‘Straight Up’ singer ABDUL
‘Wisdom ___ high for a fool’: Proverbs ISTOO
1973 Rolling Stones hit ANGIE
Abbr. in elevated addresses HTS
Appreciably MUCH
Arcing shot LOB
Bad-mouth ballet in Boulder? DISCODANCING
Bartender aboard the Pacific Princess ISAAC
Bays, say HOWLS
Bit of foppish attire ASCOT
Brexit defender MAY
Business end? INC
Call upon ASK
Christian from France DIOR
Classic movie house ODEON
Co-star of Farr and Farrell ALDA
Comic book character whose middle name is $ RICHIERICH
Crafty maneuver PLOY
Creche figure ASS
Dark red WINE
Decorating bag user ICER
Degree in a dojo DAN
Enjoying the bay, perhaps JETSKIING
Fair feature RIDE
Farfalle alternative ZITI
Fashion designer Anna SUI
Filmmaker Anderson WES
Fit of pique HUFF
Golfer Mediate ROCCO
Gullible one SAP
Heep of fiction URIAH
House call? AYE
It might wind up in your backyard HOSE
Its academic year consists of three halves ETON
Like court arguments ORAL
Like interstate highways LANED
Madhouse ZOO
Makes sore IRKS
Massage target KNOT
Mental sharpness ACUITY
Moderate EASE
Mojave runner IMAC
Mourner turned to stone NIOBE
Nigeria’s capital ABUJA
Ominous advertising in New Haven? DIRECTMARKETING
Out of control AMOK
Party fowl, before it winds up in the Colonel’s bucket? FUNKYCHICKEN
Pepper et al SGTS
Persian product RUG
Plenty ALOT
Porous layer SKIN
Pull together UNITE
Quick turn ZAG
Reserved SHY
Restrictions removal, in headlines DEREG
Ritz alternatives TRISCUITS
Shoulder raiser, for short DELT
Spread decks in Schenectady? FANNYPACKS
Sticking point? CRAW
Superfluity GLUT
Take off FLEE
Thrown off FAZED
Time’s Man of the Year for 1978 and 1985 DENG
Tony’s cousin OBIE
Took steps TROD
Tuscan tourist town PISA
Uncertain CHANCY
University of Vermont home BURLINGTON
Watched little angels in Kokomo? SATINDOLLS
What to buy when the Tide is out? ALL
Winter Olympics host city between St. Moritz and Cortina OSLO
___ II (Gillette razor) TRAC