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Wall Street Journal – February 7 2019 – Mixed Emotions

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Clues Answers
*Cost to join a lumberjack poker game? FIRANTE
*False alarm on the golf course? FORESHAM
*Food fish in the raw? BARECOD
*Memento of an orchestra melee? REEDSCAR
*Therapy for the phobic? FRIGHTCARE
Absurd occurrences FARCES
Apologetic cry OOPS
Artful SLY
Balder’s father ODIN
Ballpark figures SCORE
Biceps toner CURL
Big name in musical instruments YAMAHA
Bonito’s kin TUNA
Brother of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Michael MARLON
China setting ASIA
Churchyard tree YEW
Clay pigeon launcher TRAP
Cleared out FLED
Clothier Strauss LEVI
Come together GEL
Company division SALES
Dickens pseudonym BOZ
Didn’t dawdle RACED
Do something ACT
Eight-time winner of the Coty Award PERRYELLIS
Exist ARE
Exodus, or a literal feature of this puzzle’s starred answers EMIGRATION
Express scorn SNEER
Fiber source BRAN
Full of the latest NEWSY
Had a growing business FARMED
Handwriting style CURSIVE
Having something ILL
Holey gadget RICER
Icee flavor COLA
Inflexible RIGID
It’s a matter of degrees ARC
Jimmy Kimmel’s employer ABC
Labor TOIL
Like some cuisines ETHNIC
Link spot CUFF
Lose traction SKID
Ma’s bro’s kid COZ
Makeup of some snarls TRAFFIC
Miser’s pride HOARD
Monumental EPIC
Musical mark REST
Not clear FUZZY
Not our’n YERS
Not out SAFE
Ocean phenomenon named for the Christ child ELNINO
Oil rig workers ROUGHNECKS
Omani money RIAL
Pindaric poems ODES
Porsche pair AXLES
Put off DEFER
Quick swim DIP
Rehab candidate USER
Rehab requirement DETOX
Sacred song PSALM
Salary restriction CAP
Shaver LAD
Singer Green CEELO
Skip a ceremony ELOPE
Slasher film staple GORE
Sleep disrupter APNEA
Spectacular event DAZZLER
Subway, e.g CHAIN
Summer cooler FAN
Surface EMERGE
Take out DELETE
Tax evader’s worry AUDIT
They’re loaded with cash ATMS
They’re often seen with tails TOPHATS
Tyke TOT
USO audience GIS
Whirled water EDDY
Wraps up ENDS