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Wall Street Journal – January 17 2019 – Boosts

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Clues Answers
‘Family Ties’ mom ELYSE
‘Take ___’ (coach’s order) ALAP
‘Westworld’ star ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
100,000 of them make one newton DYNES
1940s Eagles head coach Greasy NEALE
Accelerate, briefly REV
Act the snitch TELL
Acts the loving parent DOTES
Almost certainly not prime EVEN
Available for purchase OUT
Barnacle who was married to James Joyce NORA
Blocking direction STAGELEFT
Boost, and a hint to four of this puzzle’s answers LEGUP
Boot camp buds MESSMATES
Botox target AGELINE
Call made from home, perhaps SAFE
Capital of Lesotho MASERU
Chaired jointly COLED
Cockpit array DIALS
Conscript ENLIST
Daffy drawing CEL
Deified sun disk of Egypt ATEN
Diabolical EVIL
Egg-shaped OVATE
Energy shortage ANEMIA
Feature of ‘Animal House’ or ‘Neighbors’ COLLEPARTY
Feel at home FITIN
Gangbuster, informally GMAN
GI, for one TRACT
Hotel turndown? NOVACANCY
Immigration debate subject ILLALALIEN
It helps cultures develop AGAR
It’s an imposition LEVY
Jai ___ ALAI
Lettuce MOOLA
Like cats and dogs PLURAL
Made grain-sized RICED
Make one’s mark LEAVEALACY
Mark’s successor EURO
Massage target, at times EGO
Maurice’s love, in ‘Maurice’ ALEC
Name on a razor OCCAM
Nestling sound PEEP
Overcome hurdles, say LEAP
Paul McCartney, for one LIVINGLEND
Poet who read at Clinton’s first inauguration ANGELOU
Protein-rich fluids SERA
Put down LAID
Quencher suffix ADE
Rain may ruin it SUEDE
Reception nibbles CANAPES
Reformer Lucretia MOTT
Reindeer in ‘Frozen’ SVEN
Santa Fe and Tucson, e.g SUVS
Series finale OMEGA
Service close AMEN
Show stopper? PAN
Shows a preference OPTS
Singers Mai and Fitzgerald ELLAS
Smooth writers GELPENS
Some PC storage ROM
Stately Renaissance dance PAVANE
Statuesque, perhaps? TOGAED
Tear to pieces REND
Title character from Melmac ALF
Tommy Lee Jones’s Harvard roomie ALGORE
Topless bit of attire SANDAL
Undercover activity? SLEEP
Uno, for one GAME
Wonder Woman accessory TIARA
YouTube annoyances ADS
___ facto IPSO