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Wall Street Journal – January 28 2019 – Power Play

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Clues Answers
‘Mighty’ batter for Mudville CASEY
‘Siddhartha’ writer Hermann HESSE
‘The Last Supper’ group APOSTLES
‘Would ___ to you?’ ILIE
Anthropoid primate APE
Arrestee’s defense ALIBI
Bad-mouth, informally DIS
Baseball’s Ripken CAL
Blarney Castle’s homeland EIRE
Blood donation amount PINT
Boar’s mate SOW
Boxer nicknamed ‘The Greatest’ ALI
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
City of central Illinois PEORIA
Classic circus performers LIONTAMERS
Clothing collection WARDROBE
Congo language BANTU
Country lodging INN
Deadly reptiles ASPS
Dessert with a crust PIE
Destination of the fifth Crosby-Hope ‘Road to’ movie RIO
Destination of the sixth Crosby-Hope ‘Road to’ movie BALI
Downcast SAD
Egyptian goddess with healing powers ISIS
Fertile spots among the dunes OASES
Flammable gas ETHANE
Foot parts INCHES
Formerly known as NEE
Genetic messenger RNA
Gives the sack FIRES
Gloves and mittens, typically PAIRS
Good thing to be in SHAPE
Greeting that may come with a lei ALOHA
Harvard and Yale, for many Supreme Court justices ALMAMATERS
Helicopter parts ROTORS
Heroic story SAGA
Illuminating gas NEON
In poor health ILL
Increase, as production STEPUP
iPhone download APP
Join the cast of ACTIN
Lake south of Niagara Falls ERIE
Lennon’s love ONO
Livens (up) PEPS
Long Island village near JFK International VALLEYSTREAM
Main shut-off, and a literal hint to the ends of 20-, 31- and 47-Across MASTERSWITCH
Make muddy ROIL
Melville’s ‘___-Dick’ MOBY
Motion-passing votes YEAS
Nation west of Niagara Falls CANADA
Nearsighted person MYOPE
Neck wrap SCARF
Neighbor of Egypt LIBYA
Nonstop flight? ESCALATOR
Not digital ANALOG
Opposed to, in hillbilly dialect AGIN
Patrol car wailer SIREN
Planet’s form ORB
Police trainee CADET
Pretense SHAM
Problem for job-seeking seniors AGEISM
Prov. west of Niagara Falls ONT
Radio station sign ONAIR
Razz RIB
Sch. support org PTA
Sink below the horizon SET
Sixth-largest country AUSTRALIA
So far YET
Street fight prelude, perhaps SHOVES
Student’s writing assignment ESSAY
Supplies with soldiers MANS
Supported by facts TRUE
Tokyo’s old name EDO
Trees along many avenues ELMS
Typographer’s ornamental flourish SWASH
Women’s prison officer MATRON
Yule song CAROL