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Wall Street Journal – January 30 2019 – All Pros

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Clues Answers
‘About Me’ info BIO
‘Excuse me…’ AHEM
‘Fantastic’ Dahl character MRFOX
‘Get in line, please!’ ONEATATIME
‘It ___ been easy’ HASNT
‘That’s awful news!’ OOF
‘___, Beware of the City’ (Andrew Lloyd Webber composition) EVA
Aboard ONTO
Adidas competitor FILA
Admin. aide ASST
Arc lamp gas XENON
Assurance after a tumble IMFINE
Baby zebras FOALS
Ballot markings XES
Big carrier until 2001 TWA
Bolivian boy NINO
Broadcasting now ONAIR
Brow beads SWEAT
Catcher’s catcher MITT
Colleague of John, Clarence, Ruth, Stephen, Samuel, Sonia and Neil ELENA
Colleague of John, Clarence, Ruth, Stephen, Samuel, Sonia and Neil BRETT
Colonial workers ANTS
Completed DONE
Cordelia’s father LEAR
Creative flash IDEA
Crowd scene player EXTRA
Cruel sorts OGRES
Cruising ATSEA
Deep-six TRASH
Destroyers of destroyers TORPEDOS
Dispense METE
Distributor of degs UNIV
Fawn’s kin ECRU
Field holder ARENA
Foil the plans of THWART
Gas guzzler discontinued in 2010 HUMMER
Greek storyteller AESOP
Hesse-based automaker OPEL
Holiday nights EVES
In favor of a local election division? FORWARD
In favor of competing at Christie’s? FORBIDDING
In favor of dead heats? FORTIES
In favor of Rapunzel? FORTRESSES
In favor of rice wine? FORSAKE
In favor of yoga gear? FORMATS
Incite PROD
Indian honorific SRI
Japanese honorific SAN
Kia cars RIOS
Lateral raise targets DELTS
Laudatory verses ODES
Library payments LATEFEES
Many a spam creator BOT
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Middling SOSO
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia OMAN
New Orleans protector LEVEE
Police blotter letters AKA
Postgame summary RECAP
Round number PAR
Rubbed out OFFED
Saber-toothed cat catcher TARPIT
Scheduled to land DUEIN
Sentimental tripe GOO
Sharp products TVS
Shortstop’s catcher GLOVE
Smoky shaft FLUE
Sound barrier? REEF
Staples Center squad LAKERS
Staycation site HOME
Stone mound CAIRN
They’re not developed RURALAREAS
Took off RAN
Turbine part ROTOR
Verse writer BARD, POET
Whale that preys on sharks ORCA
With hands on hips AKIMBO