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Wall Street Journal – January 5 2019 – Shaken, Not Stirred

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Clues Answers
‘A Simple Plan’ director Sam RAIMI
‘How ___ the little crocodile…’: Lewis Carroll DOTH
‘That’s ___!’ (‘Don’t do it!’) ANONO
‘Zounds!’ EGAD
‘___ a Rebel’ (1962 hit) HES
1970 Neil Diamond hit SHILO
Ample storage space for gardening supplies? ENOUGHSHED
Anne of ‘Wag the Dog’ HECHE
Annual photo feature in Sports Illustrated? BATHINGSHOOT
Appoint NAME
Arctic chunk FLOE
Argument at a job site? WORKINGCLASH
Audible reflections ECHOS
Ballpark figure ESTIMATE
Baton wielder MAESTRO
Bit of physics ATOM
Bit of sweat BEAD
Brit’s alcohol-to-go purchase OFFSALE
Broncos center Gradkowski GINO
Cake course EASYA
Capitol Bldg. VIP SEN
Cargo capacity TONNAGE
Cessna spinner PROP
China’s Chiang KAISHEK
Clams, oysters and the like? SHOALFOOD
Climber’s tool PITON
Clunker CRATE
Commits a faux pas ERRS
Common sitcom rating TVPG
Confident SURE
Connery, whose speaking style is played on in this puzzle SEAN
Corrupt TAINT
Coverage grp HMO
Criticizes harshly PANS
Crosses over SPANS
Dentist’s order FLOSS
Dentist’s order OPEN
Desire COVET
Dictation pro STENO
Director Lee ANG
Doherty of ‘Heathers’ SHANNEN
Dream up CONCOCT
Drivel TRIPE
Elite unit ATEAM
Encouraging ROSY
Expressionist painter Nolde EMIL
Fence feature GATEPOST
Fire pit setting PATIO
Firebug PYRO
Fleece feature NAP
Flurry of activity ADO
Fly high SOAR
Fly-by-night bunch BATS
Fodder holders SILOS
Frantic transmission SOS
Gallery focus ART
General drift TENOR
Genesis START
Get smart with SASS
Gin flavoring SLOE
Glasgow ‘Gee!’ OCH
Go over like ___ balloon ALEAD
God of wine DIONYSUS
Harry who was played by Eastwood CALLAHAN
Having nothing appropriate to wear at the beach? OUTOFSHORTS
Healthy glows? VITALSHINES
Henley Regatta boat SCULL
Hindu honorific SRI
Hindu princess RANI
Hurricane-tracking org NOAA
Is for more than one? ARE
Jazz genre BEBOP
Joke KID
Key of Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’: Abbr EMIN
Labor Dept. div OSHA
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Lay to rest INTER
Like a wallflower SHY
Like some pools TIDAL
Look for again RESEEK
Magna ___ CARTA
Mama bear, in Madrid OSA
Media-monitoring org FCC
Mil. awards for meritorious acts DSMS
Montand of ‘Jean de Florette’ YVES
Mozart’s ‘Il mio tesoro,’ e.g ARIA
Nova ___ SCOTIA
Old goat LETCH
Pain in the neck CRICK
Perfume property ODOR
Pessimistic rant? GLOOMYGUSH
Philosophy topic ETHICS
Pianist Earl, called ‘Fatha’ HINES
Polite assent YESM
Portfolio piece ASSET
Potbelly GUT
Prefix with genesis or thermic ECTO
Put away ATE
Radar O’Reilly’s job in the 4077th? MASHCOMMUNICATION
Radio station owner, e.g LICENSEE
Recipient’s reply THANKYOU
Repeats mechanically PARROTS
Restless ITCHY
Richard’s veep SPIRO
Robe closer SASH
Roll of bills WAD
Room at the top ATTIC
Schoolyard retort AMSO
Seething states IRES
Shop turner LATHE
Slide subjects PARAMECIA
Smokejumper’s need CHUTE
Solemn pledges OATHS
Some sports cars GTS
Sounds of passing time TICKTOCKS
Soundstage sights BOOMMICS
Speckly steed ROAN
Sportscaster Collinsworth CRIS
Squirrel’s stash ACORNS
Starbucks size TALL
Subj. for immigrants ESL
Subtler ‘Hey!’ PSST
Suburban shopping destination MINIMALL
They range from -1 to 1 in trigonometry ARCSINES
Time in office TENURE
Time in the recording studio SESSION
Two in Tijuana DOS
Unruly dos MOPS
Warm welcomes ALOHAS
What vampires do during the day? SHUNLIGHT
Winds down ENDS
Winter number CAROL
Withered witch CRONE
X, at times TEN
___ Moines DES