Wall Street Journal – Jul 11 2018 – In Other Words…

Clues Answers
‘How about that!’ GEE
‘Imitation of Life’ author Fannie HURST
‘Message received’ ROGER
‘The rest,’ in Latin CETERA
‘Wow, that was pretty risky!’ GUTSYMOVE
*1950s dorm prank PANTYRAID
*Authorities in Zion PARKRANGERS
*Hoarders PACKRATS
*Jumps on the scale? PAYRAISES
*Order given at Google PAGERANK
A thing of the past OVER
Antigone’s uncle CREON
Be a witness to ATTEST
Beats back REPELS
Brand of 42-Down SOS
Budget items? RENTALS
City in New York’s Mohawk Valley UTICA
Clear, in a way DEFOG
Concise and controlled TAUT
Confined PENT
Contact a contact, perhaps EMAIL
Developer’s buy LOT
Did some juicing DOPED
Dish-washing aid SOAPPAD
Fairy tale irritant PEA
Final scene in many teen rom-coms PROM
Fit to be tied IRATE
Frat address BRO
Get around EVADE
Giants infielder Sandoval PABLO
Go at it SPAR
Grantorto’s victim in ‘The Faerie Queene’ IRENA
Having scored the last ten points, say ONARUN
Herded bird EMU
Historic opening? PRE
Inventory fig AMT
Clues Answers
Island connected to Scotland by a bridge SKYE
Kay of big band fame KYSER
Korean side KIMCHI
Laotian currency KIP
Letter feature SERIF
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Moralizing man AESOP
Mozz sticks or guac, e.g APP
Mr. Potato Head piece EAR
Nearly all MOST
Nets point guard Jeremy LIN
One who’ll give you a hand DEALER
Oscar winner as Loretta Castorini CHER
Pal of Piglet ROO
Parcel METE
Plutonic rock source MAGMA
Poetic celebration ODE
Pointer part LASER
Pool need RACK
Post-hardcore genre EMO
Powered two-wheeler MOPED
Puts in other words, or, if read as three pieces, a hint to the starred answers PARAPHRASES
Ricky’s portrayer on 1950s TV DESI
Sinclair Lewis’s ‘___ Timberlane’ CASS
Support militarily ARM
Sure competitor ARRID
Tear RIP
Tesla rival EDISON
The 1980s, politically REAGANERA
Tyler of ‘Jersey Girl’ LIV
Unescorted LONE
Vacancy venue INN
Wentletrap or periwinkle SNAIL
You can get a technical foul for hanging on it RIM
Zen riddle KOAN
___ Miguel (Azores island) SAO

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