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Wall Street Journal – Jul 12 2018 – Hovercraft

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Clues Answers
‘Carmina Burana’ composer ORFF
‘Eww!’ YUCK
‘Get lost!’ SCAT
1929 flyer over the South Pole BYRD
Animalistic emblem TOTEM
Ask too much of somebody PRY
Bernardo’s girlfriend in ‘West Side Story’ ANITA
Brain surgeon’s field: Abbr NEUR
Chi baggage code ORD
Completely clear LIMPID
Cross follow-up REDIRECT
Cross words SPAT
Decorate ADORN
Deposit LAY
Disposed APT
Dos/dos UNO
Editorial overruling STET
Farm unit ACRE
Fidel’s pal CHE
Fitting number SIZE
Flash drives, familiarly USBS
Food scrap ORT
Formal pronoun ONE
Fresh, to Franz NEU
Gentler, more welcoming wrestling surface? FUZZYMAT
Home of the Annapurna Massif NEPAL
Inattentiveness diagnosis, for short ADHD
Individually APIECE
Insectivorous bird BEEEATER
Insomniac’s remedy AMBIEN
Its flag depicts the Big Dipper and Polaris ALASKA
Jazzy James ETTA
Jolie’s ‘By the Sea’ co-star PITT
Keening, perhaps SAD
Less stable SHAKIER
Low clouds STRATI
Low in the meadow MOO
Clues Answers
Made reference to CITED
Mounted on ATOP
Muhammad, e.g ARAB
Name for a not-very-revealing burlesque joint? SHINCITY
Narrow outhouse? THINCAN
Novel study, briefly LITCRIT
Off work FREE
Oxford English Dictionary finish ZED
Paced proudly STRUTTED
Pacifist’s request? NOTANKS
Paper glider KITE
Parental admonition ACTNICE
Pastoral patrol officer? LAMBCOP
Person who might give you a buzz BARBER
Pig breeder’s profession? SOWBIZ
Posthumous bio OBIT
Pressed sandwich CUBAN
Prestige CACHET
Restaurant patron’s revenge NOTIP
Result of a boring text conversation? CHATNAP
Rhine tributary AAR
Roofer’s stuff TAR
Runs into a hitch? ELOPES
Schoolkid’s scrape OWIE
Senate greeting AVE
Skater Katarina WITT
Suit to ___ ATEE
Surrounded by AMID
Take a mop to SWAB
Taking after ALA
Took a good look PEERED
Touring an English town known for its immersive experiences? ATBATH
Twins slugger Tony OLIVA
Urgent initialism ASAP
Virtual sentiment bearers ECARDS
Way cool DOPE
Wood-shaping tool ADZE