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Wall Street Journal – Jul 14 2018 – Movie Trailers

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Clues Answers
‘A Legacy of Spies’ author LECARRE
‘Adios!’ SEEYA
‘Coldest drink in town’ brand ICEE
‘For ___ sake!’ PETES
‘Frozen’ snowman OLAF
‘State of the Union’ channel CNN
‘The Female Eunuch’ writer GREER
‘The Fifth Element’ director Besson LUC
‘What’s the ___?’ DIF
A-Rod’s employer as of 2018 ESPN
Admirers of a 1956 James Dean movie? GIANTFANS
Admission to a 2000 Steven Soderbergh movie? TRAFFICTICKET
Aspirant’s activity HOPING
Audition for a 1994 Keanu Reeves movie? SPEEDTEST
Bad beginning MAL
Banned orchard spray ALAR
Barron’s mother MELANIA
Bayou brethren CREOLES
Be unwittingly annoying SNORE
Bill Walton’s alma mater UCLA
Bitter disagreement STRIFE
Blacken CHAR
Boombox, e.g STEREO
Busy folks in Apr CPAS
Call the shots UMP
Called the shots REFEREED
Camera equipment for a 1997 Jodie Foster movie? CONTACTLENS
Capital of Canada CEE
Capturer of Valencia in 1094 ELCID
Celestial Seasonings offering HERBTEA
Certain something AURA
Channel that shows many B&W films TCM
Checker move TWIST
Click a ‘No, thanks’ checkbox OPTOUT
Clip from an Oscar-winning 2005 movie? CRASHSCENE
Cover girl Cheryl TIEGS
Cry of self-pity WHYME
Diet of early man PALEO
Dr. Sanjay who often appears on 39-Down GUPTA
Dumas duelist ATHOS
Dunderhead ASS
Emulates a raptor PREYS
Excessive sentimentality SLUSH
Fabulous race loser HARE
Fad that goes viral MANIA
Fashionable McCartney STELLA
Filled with the most four-letter words SALTIEST
Film noir classic DOA
Fountain sales SODAS
Four-song collections, briefly EPS
Fungal feature SPORESAC
Grazing spot LEA
Green land EIRE
Hearth heap ASHES
Hindu hero RAMA
Hoedown partner GAL
Idle colleague PALIN
Impulse carrier AXON
In the mail SENT
Inscription that may contain ‘lies’ EPITAPH
Intuits SENSES
It may be cured by smoking MEAT
John on the farm DEERE
Journey’s beginning ONESTEP
Land surrounded by eau ILE
Large battery DCELL
Large family CLAN
Light bands SPECTRA
Like a tough battle UPHILL
Clues Answers
List of correct answers KEY
Little sucker? VAC
Lofgren of the E Street Band NILS
Magazine contents ARMS
Make sopping wet DRENCH
Mama moose COW
Mama’s boy SON
March for Our Lives target NRA
Miss in Mex SRTA
Mongol rulers KHANS
NBA Hall of Famer Thomas ISIAH
Nota ___ BENE
NSA worker, at times DECODER
Old Fords LTDS
Old strings LYRE
Onetime parent of Capitol Records EMI
Opening of an Oscar-winning 1976 movie? ROCKYSTART
P.R. firm for a 2008 Sean Penn movie? MILKPITCHER
Pachyderm pair TUSKS
Pakistani pita NAAN
Pale green color SEAFOAM
Palliates EASES
Patti LuPone role EVITA
Pepper, e.g., for short SGT
Pile up AMASS
Plant in a recording studio ROBERT
Popular boot brand FRYE
Powell’s co-star in the ‘Thin Man’ films LOY
Pretense ACT
Risk on a rig OILFIRE
Romantic tale GESTE
Roundabout INDIRECT
Scratches on purpose ETCHES
Sen. Corker’s state TENN
Shade HUE
Shaker formula NACL
Short and stocky LOWSET
Short summary RECAP
Significant cut GASH
Sound engineer on a 1988 Tom Cruise movie? COCKTAILMIXER
Sports vehicle, for short UTE
Square dance squeal YEEHAW
Summer hrs. in Boston EDT
Sun lotion acronym PABA
Supervisor of a 1995 Pacino/De Niro movie? HEATPRODUCER
Surprise party requirement SECRECY
Sycophantic answers YESSES
Tending toward a definite goal TELIC
Tentative drink SIP
The Beatles, in a 1965 movie? HELPMATES
They’re scouted TALENTS
They’re sometimes connected DOTS
This answer, e.g ABBR
Ticked IRATE
Ticker tapes, for short ECGS
TV spot seller ADREP
Unsupportive ANTI
Variety ILK
Verdi aria ‘___ tu’ ERI
Voiced disapproval TSKED
Wall Street order PUT
WBA decision TKO
What the Toledo Mud Hens play AAABALL
Where to watch a 1988 Tom Hanks movie? BIGSCREEN
With spunk GAMELY
Words before rack, rails or record OFFTHE
Workers on a 1980 comedy movie? AIRPLANECREW
___ instant INAN
___ into (gains by chance) LUCKS