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Wall Street Journal – Jul 18 2018 – Somewhat Clueless

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Clues Answers
‘Dedicated to the ___ Love’ ONEI
‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ singer BONO
American wildcat OCELOT
Andy Taylor’s boy OPIE
Applications USES
Bakery worker ICER
Beer, casually SUDS
Before, to a bard ERE
Butter unit PAT
Camera shop array SLRS
Camp cover TENT
Carried the day WON
Causes to hobble LAMES
China Sea sight JUNK
Co. divisions DEPTS
Come to terms SETTLE
Contest with clowns RODEO
Defensive story ALIBI
Diamond delivery PITCH
Dieter’s fig BMI
Entice TEMPT
Expedition HASTE
Fail to mention OMIT
Falstaff’s royal friend HAL
Frisco footballer NINER
Furry wraps STOLES
Fuzzless peach NECTARINE
Hack it COPE
Hebrides island SKYE
Honoree of many a tattoo MOM
Hoppy beer, initially IPA
Hostile party ENEMY
Hotel visit STAY
Image on many baby announcements STORK
Clues Answers
In better shape HALER
Like outstanding obligations UNMET
Lincoln Center performance OPERA
Little tantrums SNITS
Lot buy AUTO
Lurch REEL
Manufacturer’s nightmare RECALL
Middling grade CEE
Mooring site WHARF
Nail file material EMERY
Not phony LEGIT
NYC subway overseer MTA
Occupy the throne RULE
Once around, in a way LAP
Pastoral parent EWE
Patella’s place KNEE
Pizza garnish OLIVE
Popular BIG
Quiet car TESLA
Reuben base RYE
Rhombi and trapezoids, e.g POLYGONS
Right out of the box NEW
Seer’s deck TAROT
Sheets, e.g LINEN
Shiver-inducing EERIE
Spatulas and sporks UTENSILS
Throw out EMIT
Twists and turns WINDS
Unshackles FREES
Vichyssoise ingredient CREAM
Warehouse pallets SKIDS
Watson’s creator IBM
Whoop it up REVEL
Worker in the orchard BEE
Zombie ingredient RUM