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Wall Street Journal – Jul 19 2018 – Photo Finish

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Clues Answers
‘It’s been a while!’ LONGTIMENOSEE
‘Mississippi Blood’ author Greg ILES
‘Young Frankenstein’ role INGA
1984 hit that mentions Spam and Cap’n Crunch EATIT
1996 torch lighter ALI
2017 film that took the Best Animated Feature Oscar COCO
ABBA’s ‘___ the Music Speak’ ILET
Appropriate inappropriately STEAL
Aquarium favorite TETRA
Attract DRAWIN
Bad pun response GROAN
Basketball’s Thomas ISIAH
Be about to apprehend CLOSEINON
Bk. after Galatians EPH
Carry-on site BIN
Counterpart of prem REG
Davis of ‘Do the Right Thing’ OSSIE
Demonstratively affectionate KISSY
Departed transport HEARSE
Do some skulking PROWL
Edge out, and a description of what appears four places in this puzzle WINBYANOSE
Enemy’s position ANTI
Extend across STRADDLE
Flat rates? RENTS
Free of lumps SIFT
General ___ chicken TSOS
Guitar great Chet ATKINS
Harder than it looks NOTEASY
Humphrey’s ‘Marked Woman’ co-star BETTE
Industrial city of North Rhine-Westphalia ESSEN
It might be dropped for a trip ACID
It might be sweetened POT
It’s a dyeing art BATIK
Kid’s cry MAA
Kopavogur resident ICELANDER
Less pleased SORER
Like Chicago WINDY
Clues Answers
Like largo with respect to adagio SLOWER
Like upside-down Monopoly deeds MORTGAGED
Lustful RANDY
Mattress choice TWIN
Maximally minute TEENIEST
McKinnon who does Hillary and Kellyanne KATE
Minute minute part NANOSECOND
More reasonable SANER
More than surmise KNOW
Mother of Zeus and Poseidon RHEA
Novel idea STORY
Number of reps SET
Oodles ATON
Opposite of ‘fer’ AGIN
Pinpoint a cause, in a way DIAGNOSE
Pong maker ATARI
Prayer wheel turners LAMAS
Profitable ventures GOLDMINES
Rebellious group TEENS
Rider of a packed subway, metaphorically SARDINE
River at Avignon RHONE
Role for Arnold in 1982 and 1984 CONAN
Run through STAB
Scrabble player’s tiles RACK
Tenn.-based awards group CMA
Tenor Bocelli ANDREA
The dark side YIN
Their mascot is Orbit ASTROS
Tilde neighbor ESC
Ukr., once SSR
What a Mobius strip lacks ENDS
When clocks are turned back in November ATTWO
Whopper junior? FIB
Winter air NOEL
Within, in combinations ENTO
Women, patronizingly GALS