Wall Street Journal – Jul 19 2022 – “Plant Life” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Selma” director DuVernay AVA
“Slow down and do it right the first time” HASTEMAKESWASTE
“The best is ___ come” YETTO
“Young Sheldon” airer CBS
A&W rival BARQS
App that collects data without users’ knowledge SPYBOT
Aspiring atty.’s exam LSAT
At a club until it closes, perhaps OUTLATE
Cathedral city of eastern England ELY
Chic in the ’60s MOD
Compliment paid after a big catch, maybe ITSABEAUTY
Corn units EARS
Deadly shark MAKO
Declare definitely AVER
Defame LIBEL
Demonstrating buoyancy AFLOAT
Deuce follower ADIN
Distort SKEW
Enterprise speed unit WARP
Ethically unmoored AMORAL
Faithful TRUE
Feathery accessory BOA
Fifty-fifty flips COINTOSSES
Finish last LOSE
Fish eggs ROE
French movie theater CINE
Greek god of war ARES
Grizzled vet OLDPRO
Hamilton’s bill TEN
Inferior, militarily OFLOWERRANK
Informal group email opener HIALL
Issuance from someone in dire straits PLEAFORHELP
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Jungle swingers APES
Kids’ calls MAAS
Knocks on the noggin BONKS
Letters before a pseudonym AKA
Lode contents ORE
Mickey of “The Wrestler” ROURKE
Monkey in Disney’s “Aladdin” ABU
More urgent than ASAP PDQ
Morning mumble IMUP
Most piddling MEREST
Moves up and down BOBS
Name on the “Fox in Socks” cover SEUSS
NASA mission refresher TANG
Norse god of war ODIN
Olympian Sunisa Lee’s ethnicity HMONG
Ordered pizza, say ATEIN
Owie kisser, often MAMA
Payment alternative IOU
Penniless BROKE
Playground sight SEESAW
Ready to go SET
Request for a treat, perhaps MEOW
Request for a treat, perhaps ARF
Sacrificial fire PYRE
Scot’s denial NAE
Sculptor-architect Maya LIN
Second-largest city of Italia MILANO
Singer-songwriter Paul ANKA
Some court workers REFS
Station wagon stopper BRAKE
That woman SHE
The Prince of Darkness SATAN
Toiling ATIT
Tribal leaders ELDERS
Twinings offerings TEAS
Unaffected NATURAL
Vax authorizer FDA
What quarterbacks demand their wide receivers run CRISPROUTES
Where to view Degas’s “L’Absinthe” and Manet’s “Olympia” MUSEEDORSAY
Word after covert or special OPS

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