Wall Street Journal – Jul 2 2022 – Enclosures Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“2001” computer HAL
“Bravo!” OLE
“Can I get some wardrobe advice?”? TELLMEWHATTODON
“Enchanted” girl in a 2004 film ELLA
“My eyes ___ here” AREUP
“So ___ heard” IVE
“The Bourne Identity” org CIA
1836 battle site ALAMO
1983 Michael Keaton film MRMOM
Ad Council messages, in brief PSAS
Afflict AIL
Alternatives to jumpers SETSHOTS
Apiece, in scores ALL
Architect’s creation SCALEMODEL
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Atomic clock component MASER
Aziz of “Parks and Recreation” ANSARI
Baby berths UTERI
Backgammon equipment DICE
Bit in a horse’s mouth OAT
Boston Bruins legend ORR
Breakfast of champions? SPORTSBRAN
Brisbane bloke AUSSIE
British writers Stuart and Langley, for two ESMES
Browbeats HECTORS
Build up ACCRUE
Bunker contents SAND
Card game for two WAR
Care for VALUE
Chaplin of “Game of Thrones” OONA
Check the meaning of LOOKUP
Chronic complainers NAGS
Clerical office CURACY
Commanders’ org NFL
Common aspiration AITCH
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
Coral colony component POLYP
Couldn’t not HADTO
Court wear ROBES
Dealer’s foe NARC
Declining state DOTAGE
Depth charge target UBOAT
Diamond club BAT
Disney and Kelly WALTS
Do a librarian’s task RESHELVE
Door sign ENTER
Down SAD
Enlightened state ZEN
Feeling offended HURT
Female rabbit DOE
Flamingo support, often ONELEG
Forgo the rite thing? ELOPE
Former second lady Pence KAREN
Fowl territory? ROOST
Frat brothers, at times HAZERS
Good thing that comes to those who wait TIP
Grammar topic USAGE
Grammy winner Lauper CYNDI
Happy, e.g DWARF
Heads-up ALERT
Helped out AIDED
Hold forth ORATE
Housing for extremely smart cows? GENIUSBARN
In favor of PRO
Indeterminate ordinal NTH
Irritated CHAFED
It has a Louvre-Rivoli station METRO
It might mean trouble OMEN
Kilmer poem TREES
Lively wit ESPRIT
Loosen, in a way UNLACE
Lowish USN rank ENS
Lucy’s friend ETHEL
Lumberjacks WOODSMEN
Lupino of “High Sierra” IDA
Lustful Le Pew PEPE
Made a decision OPTED
Makes a touchdown LANDS
Military flier AIRMAN
Milo of “The Verdict” OSHEA
Monument Valley sights MESAS
More bone-chilling RAWER
Most reasonable SANEST
Muscular power SINEW
Muted trumpet sound WAWA
Neither follower NOR
One of its counties is Dhún na nGall EIRE
Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Out of commission LAIDUP
Overcast, say DREARY
Owner of las Islas Baleares ESPANA
Party nibble CANAPE
Patsy and Edina’s BBC show, familiarly ABFAB
Person who rents out a grassy expanse? LETTEROFTHELAWN
Pick ___ (quibble) ANIT
Place for couples to rest in a dance club? DISCODIVAN
Playwright O’Casey? IRISHSEAN
Plopped down SAT
Poland-German border river ODER
Popular places INSPOTS
Popular vodka, familiarly STOLI
Pork dish at a Chinese restaurant MOOSHU
Preserved, in a way DRIED
Presidential oath as the Depression took hold? HOOVERDAMN
Priestly musketeer ARAMIS
Pulp character created by Robert E. Howard CONAN
Redbox rental DVD
Response to “You have no chance” DONTI
Saffron-seasoned dish PAELLA
Sega’s mascot SONIC
Sell out RATON
Senior member DOYEN
Shapiro of public radio ARI
Skirmish FRAY
Slender insects MANTISES
Sloth’s kin ANTEATER
Some are sheltered BUSSTOPS
Stunned state AWE
Subway handhold STRAP
Sung show OPERA
Supply, as elevator music PIPEIN
Take off STRIP
Tended SAWTO
Tenth element NEON
The Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Tightly packed DENSE
Timetable abbr ARR
Tollbooth choice on the New Jersey Turnpike EZPASS
Top secret? WIG
Tornado’s coastal cousin WATERSPOUT
Totally impressive marsh wader? EPICHERON
Treated roughly MAULED
Turn violently SLEW
Twistable treat OREO
Victim of Perseus MEDUSA
Where die Sonne rises OST
Yard sign word ELECT
___ dixit IPSE
___ Gatos LOS

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