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Wall Street Journal – Jul 21 2018 – Ender’s Game

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Clues Answers
‘Behold!’ to Brutus ECCE
‘Dancing With the Stars’ judge Goodman LEN
‘Don’t look ___!’ ATME
‘Let’s not and say ___’ WEDID
‘Psycho’ setting MOTEL
‘Revenge is ___ best served cold’ ADISH
‘Sad to say…’ ALAS
‘The Miracle Worker’ family KELLERS
‘Twilight’ heroine BELLA
‘Well done!’ BRAVO
‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’ speaker ALICE
Aimless stroll through the halls of Hogwarts? MAGICWANDER
Alert akin to a BOLO APB
Angsty music EMO
Angular measures RADIANS
Ardennes article LES
Arithmetic class device ABACUS
At any time EVER
Baked potato? HOTTUBER
Bank job after closing time? NIGHTCAPER
Bar in a Transylvania tavern? BLOODCOUNTER
Barbers’ targets STUBBLES
Beautiful people ELITE
Become smitten with FALLFOR
Bezos of Amazon JEFF
Book of Concord reader LUTHERAN
BP buy of 2000 ARCO
Brand with an iComfort line SERTA
Brief time SEC
Bunch of chips POT
Buy eagerly SNAPUP
Catastrophic, as a mistake FATAL
Catch ___ (mistime an oar stroke) ACRAB
Cath. prelate’s title MSGR
Civil wrongs TORTS
Classics, for short LIT
Cow chow FEED
Crowd cacophony ROAR
Cut off SHEAR
Deadlock TIE
Deep black beer? JETLAGER
Delaware city near Rehoboth Beach LEWES
Dictators’ underlings STENOS
Direct a ship’s steering CONN
Doone of fiction LORNA
Eccentric oldsters COOTS
Equivalent of 3600 joules WATTHOUR
Facing difficulty INABIND
Familiar with USEDTO
Feathery plant FERN
Few and far between SPARSE
Fictional home 25 miles south of Atlanta TARA
Flat, geometrically PLANAR
Gate attendant in many cartoons STPETER
Gracefully thin LITHE
Hardly hidden OVERT
Helo-to-hospital rescue MEDEVAC
High boot that’s sized too small? TIGHTWADER
High-minded LOFTY
Hogan component LOG
Hosp. workers RNS
Humble ABASE
Implore BEGOF
In shorts, say BARELEGGED
Interject PIPEUP
Jimmies, e.g LEVERS
Joan who played Miss Marple HICKSON
Clues Answers
Joint tenants? BONES
Karate skill level DAN
Key above tilde ESC
King of pop CAROLE
Lender’s offering BAGEL
Let go FIRED
Light sparkling wine ASTI
Light-sensitive retinal cell CONE
Like household electricity METERED
Lose interest TIRE
Louisiana’s ___ Cajuns RAGIN
Make jubilant ELATE
Marketable orchid, say? CASHFLOWER
Material for some flutes GLASS
Mechanical procedures ROTES
Minute amount DRIB
Mountain man? SIERRAMISTER
New York Times publisher Adolph OCHS
Nutritious root BEET
Old crone HAG
On the go ACTIVE
One might cause a holdup OUTLAW
Org. that compiles a Most Popular Baby Names list SSA
Org. whose insignia depicts an eagle grasping a key NSA
Oscar winner Brody ADRIEN
Outburst cause ANGER
Phila.-to-Miami direction SSW
Pigeon perch LEDGE
Pit visitor RACER
Plant period SHIFT
Played with, as a ball of yarn PAWED
Pollen collector BEE
Prerequisite for calc ALG
Prey for dingoes EMUS
Priam’s kingdom TROY
Prolonged attacks SIEGES
Puts back on the payroll REHIRES
Queen of the Jungle in comic books SHEENA
Rain on a sunny day? FREAKSHOWER
Ramble ROVE
Round-topped fastener MAPTACK
RSVP card, e.g ENC
Sad state WOE
See 99-Down TEA
She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack OPRAH
Site of a noted 1-Down PANAMA
Sleek, in product names AERO
Some fast food outlets KFCS
Spa offering, for short PEDI
Spa town on the shores of Lake Geneva EVIAN
Spot for locks CANAL
Star in Virgo SPICA
Start a triathlon SWIM
Starting lineup ATEAM
Stoolie RAT
Suntan lotion brand for bald men? HEADBUTTER
Superabundance GLUT
Talks tediously PROSES
Tithing fraction TENTH
Tribe of Sudan’s Nile basin DINKA
Tricky turns LEFTS
Univ. or acad SCH
Winter bug FLU
With 85-Down, summer sip ICED
Word’s last syllable ULTIMA
Yellow raisin SULTANA
___ avis RARA