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Wall Street Journal – Jul 21 2022 – “Movin’ On Up” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“31 Days of Oscar” network TCM
“Say what?” HUH
“Tell the truth” BEHONEST
*”In actuality…” FACTIS
*Bidding BEHEST
*Fondness LIKING
*Self-assured POISED
1950s political nickname IKE
Audio equipment brand AIWA
Banquet DINE
Bark back STERN
Car ad adjective ROOMY
Chart model PIE
Cleveland Guardians pitcher Morgan ELI
Coffee time, perhaps TENAM
Cone’s counterpart ROD
Contents of some buckets ICE
Dandy FOP
Dennings of “Thor” KAT
Disgusted sound EWW
Dizzying designs OPART
Drops down? MOLTS
Equally horrible ASBAD
Flit (about) GAD
Foes of us THEM
Forensic franchise CSI
Frequent title starter THE
From Aberystwyth, say WELSH
Frustration indicator SIGH
Get around EVADE
Great time, slangily GAS
Group subgroups FACTIONS
Irrationally afraid PHOBIC
Its Arabic name is Jabal Musa MTSINAI
Judo belt OBI
Lake on a state line TAHOE
Latin lover’s verb AMO
Letter on 59-Down planes ALEPH
Like many murder mystery victims POISONED
Litter container? STY
Meditation output OMS
Memory triggers, sometimes ODORS
Monk’s specialty BEBOP
Nashville sch TSU
Not away ATHOME
Not more than MERELY
Ocean player CLOONEY
Official exclusion BAN
Official order EDICT
Once named NEE
PBS funder NEA
Pointing pronoun YOU
Poverty NEED
Premium product SALTINE
Pushes aside SHUNTS
Retired, perhaps INBED
River of song SWANEE
Round-the-world trip ORBIT
See 14-Across ELAL
Seller of mattresses and meatballs IKEA
Serious showers DELUGES
Shanghai greeting NIHAO
Simba, notably LIONKING
Single, say HIT
Slicker material OILSKIN
Surname in a 1979 Robert Duvall film title SANTINI
Taking the place (of) INLIEU
Tart berry ACAI
They can’t be pleased HATERS
Trounce, to gamers PWN
Turkey go-with YAM
Website uploading letters FTP
What’s left behind RESIDUE
Winner of both Comedy and Drama Emmys for the same role EDASNER
Words on a Ben & Jerry’s carton ONEPINT