Wall Street Journal – Jul 23 2018 – Of Course

Clues Answers
‘Bewitched’ daughter TABITHA
‘Get a move on!’ LETSGO
‘Just to clarify…’ IMEAN
‘Keep quiet!’ HUSH
‘You said it, girl!’ AMENSISTER
Aides for univ. profs TAS
AWOL chasers MPS
Ball participants DANCERS
Ballpark souvenir CAP
Bird sacred in ancient Egypt IBIS
Buddy PAL
Catches some rays TANS
Civil rights hero Parks ROSA
Corn serving EAR
Covetous feeling ENVY
Diplomat’s forte TACT
Dodge artfully EVADE
Drill sergeant’s order ATEASE
Duffer’s cry FORE
Endurance STAMINA
Facebook connections FRIENDS
Farmers’ market payment CASH
Flowing Indian garb SARI
Geronimo’s people APACHE
Goal of some talks PEACE
Golfer’s favorite drink garnish? LEMONWEDGE
Golfer’s favorite lunch? PIZZASLICE
Golfer’s favorite snack? APPLECHIPS
Golfer’s favorite vegetable? BEETGREENS
Gushing review RAVE
High point ACME
Hit the jackpot WONBIG
In need of a full recharge DEAD
Ingredient in some pie crusts LARD
Islam’s spiritual center MECCA
Kilt crease PLEAT
Knife brand in infomercials GINSU
Lamb or ham MEAT
Clues Answers
Lasagna cheese RICOTTA
Late July babies LEOS
Like hardcore fans AVID
Like parents of straight-A students PROUD
Maya Angelou, for one POET
Metric prefix for ‘tenth’ DECI
Mudville slugger of verse CASEY
Occurring once in a blue moon RARE
Overhead expanse SKY
Pointless fuss ADO
Popular cookie OREO
Portentous sign OMEN
Puma rival AVIA
Quail flock BEVY
Region AREA
River crossed by Charon STYX
River through Florence ARNO
Road crew’s gunk TAR
Run ___ (get out of control) AMOK
Sand traps and streams, on golf courses HAZARDS
Serengeti antelope GNU
She played Anita in ‘West Side Story’ RITAMORENO
Singer Lovato DEMI
Small, medium or large SIZE
Smear in print LIBEL
Study for Masters and Johnson SEX
Superior to ABOVE
Tennis match divisions SETS
The whole shebang ALL
Those guys THEM
Tiny country south of Sicily MALTA
Triangular snack brand DORITOS
Turkey neighbor SYRIA
Viewed SEEN
Waikiki welcome gifts LEIS
Web-crawling software BOT
Zellweger of ‘Chicago’ RENEE
___ Scotia NOVA

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