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Wall Street Journal – Jul 24 2018 – Modern Love

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Clues Answers
‘Aquarius’ musical HAIR
‘Dancing Queen’ group ABBA
‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ band ELO
‘Fame’ singer Irene CARA
‘Now, nurse!’ STAT
‘That being said…’ YET
‘The Mod Squad’ role LINC
‘The result being…?’ AND
1952 Winter Olympics host OSLO
Acknowledge silently NODTO
AMC’s ‘Better Call ___’ SAUL
Anna’s icy sister ELSA
Aptly named wrinkly fruit UGLI
Beat ___ to your door APATH
Bert who played the Cowardly Lion LAHR
Castaway’s home ISLE
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Corrupt practice ABUSE
Count-off word EENY
Cpl., e.g NCO
Denial, auf Deutsch NEIN
Distinctive glows AURAE
Exclamation with a handshake DEAL
Filled with passion LUSTY
Fiona’s love SHREK
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Generic dog name FIDO
Getting off the ground LAUNCHING
Go over 21 BUST
Greek garment TUNIC
Incense output ODOR
It’s played with a mallet GONG
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Kwik’s opposite, in ad-speak SLO
Lay low HID
Letter before Bravo ALFA
Letter before delta GAMMA
Madison in NYC, e.g AVE
Make scarves, say KNIT
Clues Answers
Maker of mini bricks LEGO
Massive memory measurements TERABYTES
Microphysics subject ATOM
Middling nobles EARLS
Midsummer sign LEO
Mining bonanza LODE
Neighbor of N. Dak MINN
Offended HURT
Palindromic Oklahoma city ADA
Policy seller AGENT
Prevailing fashion VOGUE
Relentlessly gloomy DOUR
Restrict severely CONSTRAIN
Rod’s partner REEL
Romance app for chefs? FOODCOURT
Romance app for chemists? CARBONDATING
Romance app for entomologists? CRICKETMATCH
Romance app for lawyers? BRIEFENCOUNTERS
Romance app for racing enthusiasts? TRACKMEET
Scads ALOT
Short race ONEK
Shout of comprehension AHA
Simple quiz answer TRUE
Singapore setting ASIA
Sporter of dreads, maybe RASTA
Spots on skirts POLKADOTS
Start of something big? MEGA
StubHub owner EBAY
Sunny lobbies ATRIA
Toy train sound TOOT
Turn on the waterworks CRY
Ultimate degree NTH
Video game giant ATARI
Volcanic output ASH
War doc MEDIC
Words with math or honors DOTHE