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Wall Street Journal – Jul 25 2018 – The Big Picture

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Clues Answers
‘Bad’ cholesterol LDL
‘Come, Mister Tally Man, tally me banana’ song DAYO
‘Dedicated to the ___ Love’ ONEI
‘Holberg Suite’ composer GRIEG
‘Superman II’ villain General ___ ZOD
‘The Female Eunuch’ author GREER
‘Try ___ may…’ ASI
‘Twilight’ author Stephenie MEYER
‘West Side Story’ song AMERICA
‘___ Bums’ (Brooklyn Dodgers) DEM
…in other words, there are.. NONEOMITTED
…in other words.. ITSPANGRAMMATIC
…so it treats the alphabet.. INCLUSIVELY
Arabian mother MARE
Banned organochlorine DDT
Baseball’s Lefty ODOUL
Bayer brand ALEVE
Billboard, to many EYESORE
Bull’s warning SNORT
Casual denial NAW
Chartered LET
Classic film noir DOA
Classic Jaguar model XKE
Cracked, say AJAR
Eins und zwei DREI
End for kitchen or luncheon ETTE
End for verb OSE
FaceTime need CAM
Fashion monogram YSL
First name in Ugandan infamy IDI
Furnish with new gear REEQUIP
Hand on the Jolly Roger SMEE
Have for a visit, say ASKOVER
He skewered Tweed NAST
Idiot box TEEVEE
Clues Answers
Informal alliance ENTENTE
Informal label MONIKER
Intro to Egypt? LONGE
Kick back REST
Like beta-tested code, in theory BUGFREE
Like much salt IODIZED
Military storehouse ARSENAL
More than ‘-y’ IER
Much in demand COVETED
Noted New York Times film critic Vincent CANBY
Org. that produces many maps AAA
P&G detergent formulated for baby clothes DREFT
Peeper, to Pedro OJO
Piddling MERE
Plumber’s wheels VAN
Promontory CAPE
Seller of Perfect Pairings pies SARALEE
Serial section EPISODE
Shrill insect KATYDID
Simple top TEE
Some gardening tools WEEDERS
Sun Devils’ sch ASU
Takes out surgically RESECTS
Techno party attendee RAVER
They’re common in winter COLDS
Thigh muscle QUAD
This completed grid contains.. EVERYLETTERATOZ
Tommy gun sound RATATAT
Unilever cleansing cream NOXZEMA
Virgil Tibbs’s portrayer POITIER
Wild brawl MELEE
Win back RECLAIM
You need two to spell ‘Santorini’ NUS