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Wall Street Journal – Jul 26 2018 – Grout

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Clues Answers
‘Baker Street’ feature SAXSOLO
‘Chief nurse of England’s statesmen’ ETON
‘Cool!’ NEATO
‘Have I got ___ for you!’ ADEAL
‘Shoot!’ DRAT
‘This Brunette Prefers Work’ autobiographer LOOS
‘Whip It’ band DEVO
Abbr. accompanying a zero OPER
Aftershave additive ALOE
Alley ___ OOP
Anchor material IRON
Assiduous care PAINS
Astronomer who formulated the laws of orbital motion KEPLER
Brownie descriptor MOIST
Building material for a little pig STRAW
Check line DATE
Clarke of ‘Game of Thrones’ EMILIA
Company thinker IDEAMAN
Eddie’s ‘Green Acres’ co-star EVA
Embankment LEVEE
Endorsements NODS
Examine EYE
Fall preceder SUMMER
Father of Esau and Jacob ISAAC
Film featuring mammoth Manny and sloth Sid ICEAGE
Fine AOK
Fires CANS
Flying above Progressive Field? OVERCLEVELAND
Goddess often depicted with a necklace of skulls KALI
Hall of ‘The Chew’ CARLA
Hitching promise IDO
In addition ELSE
Its east and west borders are formed entirely by rivers IOWA
Jane Rochester’s maiden name EYRE
Kind of weight or war ATOMIC
Knock down RAZE
Light paint layers WASHES
Clues Answers
Like linen WOVEN
Memory trigger, sometimes ODOR
Mexico’s ___ Laredo NUEVO
Mision San Antonio de Valero, familiarly ALAMO
Mole, e.g SPY
Myrmecologist’s specimens ANTS
Name removed from the Astros’ ballpark in 2002 ENRON
Narrow-waisted flyer WASP
National Mall liners ELMS
Number of dots in einem Umlaut ZWEI
Onetime ‘Generation Next’ advertiser PEPSI
Org. for which Jerry Lewis raised millions MDA
Patch spots ELBOWS
Penetrating DEEP
Penultimate contest SEMI
Preceding period EVE
Puerto ___ RICAN
Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ prog SDI
Record holder EXCON
Rhine Gorge siren LORELEI
Shell’s shell, e.g LOGO
Sick boss? ILLMASTER
Singer/actress Gomez SELENA
Son of Jacob and Leah LEVI
Space program launch TESTROCKET
Subcontinental garb SARI
Sushi condiment WASABI
Swallow one’s troubles? EATDEPRESSION
Taproom setting INN
Transport for Tarzan’s adoptive family? APEVINE
Trying person, for short ATT
Unpleasant reprimand SLAP
Uruguay flag feature SUN
Utah ski resort ALTA
Utensil that needs no instructions? EASYSPOON
Vault sight ARCH
Willowy SVELTE