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Wall Street Journal – Jul 26 2022 – “Out-of-Pocket” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Donnie ___” (2001 Jake Gyllenhaal film) DARKO
“Les Miserables” girl COSETTE
“Such a pity” ITSSOSAD
“The Matrix” hero NEO
“You’ve got mail!” company AOL
“___ there, done that” BEEN
14-Across set in Egypt AIDA
Accumulated, as debt RANUP
Adorable sort CUTIE
Bay Area airport SFO
Chief justice who was previously president TAFT
Claptrap BOSH
Commanded, quaintly BADE
Crone HAG
Dabbles in PLAYSAT
Deep wounds GASHES
Disuse indicator RUST
Divisible by two EVEN
Dizzy Gillespie genre BEBOP
Elicits yawns BORES
Eliminates unnecessary items PARESBACK
Escorts to a penthouse, say SEESUP
Exhausted BEAT
Exploits DEEDS
Face concealer VEIL
Form letters? WRITE
Gumshoe TEC
Insects with tubular nests MUDWASPS
It may be mined DATA
Item in a chest RIB
Keg attachment TAP
Led one-on-one lessons TUTORED
Lincoln Center show OPERA
Miffed SORE
Mob scene actor EXTRA
Mon.-Wed. go-between TUE
Monster of storybooks OGRE
Moon of Saturn TITAN
Muscle twitch SPASM
Muscles that get crunched ABS
Necessitates ENTAILS
Obsessed whaler of literature AHAB
Odium HATE
Office note MEMO
Olympian queen HERA
Omar of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” EPPS
On the briny ASEA
Opposite of post- PRE
Penny prez ABE
Pest-spotting cry EEK
Poker payment ANTE
Polite French phrase said while holding a door APRESVOUS
Pop singer Rita ORA
Pop, e.g PARENT
QVC alternative HSN
Regret RUE
Restrooms, informally LAVS
Rice cakewalk EASYA
Road crew’s goo TAR
Roberts’s co-star in “Pretty Woman” GERE
Rocker Rose AXL
Scottish cattle breed ANGUS
Seasonal worker TEMP
Security breach LEAK
Seriously wound MAIM
Shakespearean forest ARDEN
Ship’s spine KEEL
Source of some jingling, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 28- and 45-Across SPARECHANGE
Sow or cow SHE
Streamlined SLEEK
Stuff in a “Star Trek” warp drive ANTIMATTER
Sushi tuna AHI
Temptresses of myth SIRENS
Thomas Hardy title heroine TESS
Took charge of, as a mission SPEARHEADED
Yale benefactor Yale ELIHU
___ center (community hangout) REC