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Wall Street Journal – Jul 27 2022 – “Mug Shots” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Night” writer Elie WIESEL
“See ya!” LATER
“That’s my cue!” IMON
About to erupt IRATE
Against ANTI
Apple desktop from 2017 to 2021 IMACPRO
Approach GONEAR
Bit of ink TAT
Brett Goldstein’s role on “Ted Lasso” ROY
Bygone OLDEN
Called for WARRANTED
Cartoon collectibles CELS
Casual footwear SLIDES
Coffin nicknamed “President of the Underground Railroad” LEVI
Common diner order represented four times in this puzzle CUPOFJOE
Composer Dušan Šesti?, for one BOSNIAN
Creative start IDEA
Dashboard fig RPM
Delivery drs OBS
Derisive sound SNORT
Display clearly EVINCE
Dominate, in slang OWN
Eldest von Trapp child LIESL
Feathery LIGHT
Finn’s transport RAFT
FLOTUS between Hillary and Michelle LAURA
Former Bolivian president Morales EVO
Foundation BASIS
Free (of) RID
Genealogist’s constructions TREES
Hair-raising EERIE
Hajj destination MECCA
Heroic Schindler OSKAR
Homer’s neighbor NED
It’s between octa- and deca- NONA
Juicer stuff STEROID
Lambrusco, per esempio VINO
Like a soap opera twin, sometimes EVIL
Like some committees ADHOC
Maker of the VCS gaming console ATARI
Makes it, in a way TAGS
Mayberry boy OPIE
Military brass? BUGLE
Moisten with juices BASTE
One way to fly SOLO
Passports, e.g IDS
Pats’ grp AFC
Physiques BODS
Pioneering DVR TIVO
PlayStation maker SONY
Reserved play? LET
Scheming group CABAL
Second sound? TICK
Self-evident truth AXIOM
Sitter’s handful BRAT
Some game show prizes NEWCARS
Something to play for KEEPS
Sound intensity unit BEL
South Asian wraps SARIS
Steakhouse specification RARE
Stinky FETID
Supreme Egyptian god AMONRA
Tactical unit ARMYCORPS
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
The poems in Spenser’s “The Shepheardes Calender,” e.g PASTORALS
Title ship in a 1997 Spielberg film AMISTAD
Triangular sail JIB
Tricky puzzle POSER
Vaccination, informally JAB
Wolf Blitzer’s employer CNN
You might be stopped for doing it NINETY