Wall Street Journal – Jul 28 2018 – Add-Ons

Clues Answers
‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ writer Loos ANITA
‘Give it ___!’ AREST
‘Go away!’ SCOOT
‘Know that we have divided in three our kingdom’ speaker LEAR
‘Phooey!’ DRATIT
‘Phooey!’ RATS
‘She’s a Lady’ songwriter ANKA
‘Symposium’ author PLATO
‘Terrif!’ SUPER
‘Vista de Toledo’ painter ELGRECO
1976 George Harrison song DEARONE
3M sponge brand OCELO
Action movie shout COVERME
Any of 1,406 for Rickey Henderson STEAL
Apple Store purchase IMAC
Aromatherapy settings SPAS
Asian wrap SARI
Before long, poetically ANON
Bikini, e.g ATOLL
Blundering INEPT
Bother NAGAT
Breton, e.g CELT
Camera setting AUTO
Canadian Tire Centre team SENATORS
Car called a saloon by Brits SEDAN
Cattle farmers STOCKMEN
Chef’s asset PALATE
Chemise’s kin TEDDY
Chimney shaft FLUE
Climber’s spike in a pinkish-yellow hue? PEACHPITON
Condor claw TALON
Cox of ‘Succession’ BRIAN
Cubs fielder Happ IAN
Dense wood EBONY
Diner display PIES
Discount for a Versailles tour? PALACECOUPON
Do in SLAY
Doves, at times COOERS
Drives, in a way HERDS
Drudge PEON
Dryer accumulation LINT
Easy victim SAP
Encircling operation SIEGE
Fabric for astronauts’ outfits? COSMICRAYON
Farmer’s buy FEED
Fat chicken who’s a fathead? DUNCECAPON
Figurehead positions PROWS
Fills of some cartridges TONERS
Fine adjustment TWEAK
Flyer at Australia’s Festival of the Winds KITE
Global septet SEAS
Gondola’s course CANAL
Grapefruit-lime soda brand FRESCA
Gratify completely SATE
Hardly original TRITE
Harry’s lightning bolt, e.g SCAR
Have reached the level of STANDAT
Hekzebiah Hawkins’s daughter, in ‘Li’l Abner’ SADIE
Hospital where Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were born STMARYS
Illusionary works OPART
In need of chilling TENSE
Incise ETCH
Influential member of the hospital staff? POWERSURGEON
Instagram uploads PIX
Invader of Britain with a highish voice? TENORSAXON
It’s about a foot SHOE
Clues Answers
Item with a deck supported by two trucks SKATEBOARD
Jamaraat Bridge location MECCA
Jargon CANT
Javert’s portrayer in 2012’s ‘Les Miserables’ CROWE
Keypad key ENTER
Kin of Ltd INC
Kippers containers TINS
Knapsack part STRAP
Lab requirement DOGLICENSE
Leader of the Anti-Knight Guild? MAINDRAGON
Lets out RENTS
Like some divorces MESSY
Looped crosses ANKHS
Low card in a pinochle deck NINE
Maj.’s superiors COLS
Makers of air deliveries STORKS
Mandolin’s cousin LUTE
Microwave output BEEPS
Milhouse’s crush LISA
Neighbors ABUTS
Nickelodeon explorer DORA
Nickname of the caravel Santa Clara NINA
Nippy COLD
Not more than ONLY
Oscar-Quebec go-between PAPA
Paper packages REAMS
Part of a soccer robot’s controller? KICKBUTTON
Past Derby winner, perhaps STUD
Philosophy’s Kierkegaard SOREN
Piloting milestones SOLOS
Place to put in COVE
Pork purchase LOIN
Principle like ‘Always put recyclables in the blue bin’? TRASHCANON
Producer of wood shavings PLANE
Ring in a library LARDNER
Romper’s kin PLAYSUIT
Rush setting FRAT
Seattle’s WNBA team STORM
Sette minus quattro TRE
Shop groups UNIONS
Show whose characters include Macavity, Mungojerrie and Mr. Mistoffelees CATS
Significant spans ERAS
Situated on ATOP
Small drink TOT
Some Japanese spirits SAKES
Something to take into account MONEY
Song of praise PAEAN
Spirit-raising gathering SEANCE
Sportsplex features ARENAS
Starbucks’s Howard Schultz? COFFEEBARON
Subtler ‘Hey you!’ PSST
Taunts persistently BAITS
The Hierophant, e.g TAROT
Thoroughly cooked DONE
Tuckered out BEAT
Twins-Lion go-between CRAB
Twistable treat OREO
Unearned run precipitator ERROR
Unfilled space LACUNA
Unvarying charge FLATRATE
Usher’s handout PROGRAM
Van Morrison’s ‘Have ___ You Lately’ ITOLD
Vanity cases EGOS
Victor’s gloat IRULE
Virginal CHASTE
Warm spot HEARTH
Waylon Jennings song ‘Working Without ___’ ANET

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