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Wall Street Journal – Jul 28 2022 – “Voice Lesson” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Another You” writer Beattie ANN
“Happy Motoring!” brand ESSO
“Holy moly!” YIPES
“Louder!”…and a clue to the starts of four Down answers SPEAKUP
“The Mother of Presidents” OHIO
2012 film set in Iran ARGO
Areas for dressing SORES
Band with the fictional album “Smell the Glove” SPINALTAP
Best alternative? REGARDS
Bill producer ATM
Blot out EFFACE
Booking agent? COP
Bouncer of children’s lit TIGGER
Bro, e.g SIB
Butterflies work them PECS
Caret indication INSERT
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Character with a hard bed PAPABEAR
Colony member ANT
Craftsmen associations GUILDS
Dead drop users SPIES
Design detail SPEC
Diane with an Oscar KEATON
Double-dealer RAT
Drink suffix ADE
Ernst contemporary ARP
Fidelity offering IRA
Fire alternative IPAD
Flubber, e.g GOO
Groove to the beat BOP
Historic stretch ERA
Hot, in a way EROTIC
Hotel feature SPA
In excess TOO
It’s classified ETATSSECRET
It’s followed by a green flag PACELAP
K-pop sensation of 2012 PSY
Lake that holds Canada’s southernmost point ERIE
Lemon’s kin CITRON
Leonidas’s kingdom SPARTA
Like Beijing’s White Cloud Temple TAOIST
List of lapses ERRATA
Malodorous RIPE
Meltdowns FITS
Merchandise ID UPC
Military unit TROOP
Minor animal? URSA
One of Springfield’s policemen, on “The Simpsons” LOU
Org. with a Center for Veterinary Medicine FDA
Othello’s loyal captain CASSIO
Pandemonium RETTUCHAOS
Part of a cell’s structure? BARS
Pert flirts MINXES
Pic from a parlor TAT
Predecessor of Carson PAAR
Private island feature AIRSTRIP
Quite a while AGES
Ronnie in the 49ers Hall of Fame LOTT
Skill ART
Small bouquet POSY
Smoothie shop supply PAPAYAS
Sole setting SHOE
Some printers EPSONS
Spot for speedier motorists or shoppers SSERPXELANE
Squeezed (by) EKED
Stadium replaced by Citi Field SHEA
Stir up AROUSE
They’re raised in Lancaster County BARNS
Title Ethiopian princess AIDA
Valet’s handout MIALCCHECK
What a Scotsman might hike up KILT
Winner of three “Channel Slams” BORG
Works the campaign trail STUMPS