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Wall Street Journal – Jul 29 2021 – “Ye Olde Producte Placement” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Huh, wow!” GEE
“L’Atelier Rouge” painter MATISSE
“There, there” ITSOK
“___ Fideles” ADESTE
A paper pusher has one DESKJOB
Alley-___ OOP
Alternative to LGA and EWR JFK
Anacreon output ODES
Area above the National Mall, e.g NOFLYZONE
Assist when one shouldn’t ABET
Back AFT
Branch ARM
British verb suffix ISE
Cantonese cooker WOK
Card’s quality WIT
Check times PAYDAYS
Chem student’s expense LABFEE
Christopher of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” MELONI
Collection of tracks ALBUM
Cologne component MUSK
Common Fortnite sound OOF
Coniferous forest south of the tundra TAIGA
Countess’s title LADY
Curfew’s start, perhaps DUSK
Deep chasm ABYSS
Deli stock LOX
Ever-popular gift CASH
Expression of disgust UGH
Family connections BLOODTIES
Furry red monster of TV ELMO
High degree NTH
Hold up ROB
Iris setting EYE
Issuer of nine-digit IDs SSA
Just get (by) EKE
Kanye West song “I ___ God” AMA
Let down one’s guard NAP
Like some beers and breezes LIGHT
Mahershala with Oscars ALI
Male delivery SON
Member of a select group? VOTER
Mooring spot JETTY
Mother of Alexander and Cookie, in the comics BLONDIE
Muffin morsel OAT
Not sharp FLAT
Not spoil KEEP
Old flames EXES
One may be manicured LAWN
Peter Jackson trilogy, to fans LOTR
Places to hide LAIRS
Pop in the microwave ZAP
Popular T-shirt subject CHE
Prefix with sphere IONO
Refine HONE
Shakespearean general…now sponsored by a Sanrio character! OTHELLOKITTY
Shakespearean king…now sponsored by fast food! BIGMACBETH
Shakespearean lawyer…now sponsored by backpacks! JANSPORTIA
Shakespearean lover…now sponsored by dairy products! ORLANDOLAKES
Shakespearean teen…now sponsored by a web browser! GOOGLECHROMEO
Shark’s offering LOAN
Sigil of the Baratheons, on “Game of Thrones” STAG
Sister of Queen Elsa ANNA
Slightly ABIT
Small hawk KITE
Some reproductive cells OVA
Square of old AGORA
Steinbeck’s Joads, e.g OKIES
Target for a snake CLOG
They may be bruised in a loss EGOS
They may be out of stock BEARS
Tiny nuisance GNAT
Try to win, in a way WOO
Turkish title AGA
Unexciting BLAH
Wharton Sch. awards MBAS
Wherein the world? ATLAS
Word in many union names LOCAL