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Wall Street Journal – Jul 30 2018 – Squeeze Play

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Clues Answers
‘Certainly!’ YES
‘Pretty please?’ IBEGYOU
‘Sounds like a plan!’ LETS
*’Wheel of Fortune’ misfortune LOSEATURN
*Finds comfort in food, perhaps STRESSEATS
*Prosecutor’s opponent DEFENSEATTORNEY
*Stealthy incursions SURPRISEATTACKS
Abrupt digression TANGENT
Acts of bravery DEEDS
Air traveler’s dread, and what each starred answer has MIDDLESEAT
Avocado dip, casually GUAC
Believer’s suffix IST
Below the surface INNER
Braying beast ASS
Chain that sells vitamins GNC
Chocolate-covered caramel brand ROLO
Crude commodity OIL
Definite article in France LES
Delivery room possibility BOY
Delivery room possibility GIRL
Desert hallucinogens PEYOTES
Digs for pigs STY
Discount tag abbr IRR
Diva’s performance ARIA
Electric car from Nissan LEAF
Former flames EXES
Great Lake fed by the Detroit River ERIE
Green shampoo brand PRELL
In shape FIT
Indefinite article in France UNE
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Kitchen fixture RANGE
Knight’s ride STEED
Lends a hand ASSISTS
Like draft beer ONTAP
Like many stadiums TIERED
Lower-left PC key CTRL
MacDowell of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ ANDIE
Makes more tolerable EASES
Clues Answers
May auto race, familiarly INDY
Member of a blended family STEPKID
Mice, to snakes PREY
Miracle-___ (gardener’s buy) GRO
Munich-based automaker BMW
Neither’s partner NOR
Openly resist DEFY
Performs a pit stop chore REFUELS
Place for an AirPod EAR
Places to enjoy salt scrubs SPAS
Poker payments ANTES
Prime minister Shinzo ABE
Pump product GAS
Put into words SAID
Really bad AWFUL
Rental agreement LEASE
Right now TODAY
River near the Louvre SEINE
Run-of-the-mill AVERAGE
Scheming SLY
Scissor cut SNIP
Second try REDO
Snow queen in Disney’s ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Source of revenue for many podcasts ADS
Span of time ERA
Specialized vocabulary LEXICON
Split open CLEAVE
Sukiyaki ingredient TOFU
Surfer’s wear WETSUIT
Taper off ABATE
Top seeds get them BYES
Traditional Christmas purchase FIRTREE
Traveler’s aid MAP
Tunneling mammal MOLE
Wander (about) GAD
Whittle down PARE
Wimpy type WUSS
Wipe, as a computer drive ERASE
___ Fernando Valley SAN